Curious about using a medicaid trust for the first time? Here are the 5 most common FAQs

Are you thinking about using a medicaid trust to provide you with the necessary funds to pay for your medical care? If so, then looking into the ins and outs of this process is key to ensuring you have the money you need to get healthcare, you do not spend excess funds on things you do not need, and you can access healthcare as soon as you need it.

Since you will not be able to plan for an accident, slip and fall, or sickness, being prepared at all times is key. This especially rings true if you are accident prone, you have underlying health concerns, or you have chronic illness. To avoid being unable to pay for your healthcare when something happens, using a medicaid asset protection trust is the best way to safeguard your future and protect your health.

But how does a medicaid trust work? Why should you sue one? Learn more about where you can sign up for a medicaid trust.

How does a medicaid trust work?

If you are trying to figure out how this trust works, then you need to find out the steps of how to apply for a trust, how you can get your money, and how it works. A medicaid trust is a type of trust that contains various assets from multiple people – there are numerous beneficiaries within the trust.

Along with the beneficiaries, there is a Grantor, also known as the Trustee. If the Grantor gives up their own control of the trust, then the Trustee is the person who is then in charge of the beneficiaries of the medicaid trust. During the creation process of the medicaid trust, the assets that are placed into the trust by the Grantor are the funds for the healthcare. Typically, these ‘funds’ placed within the medicaid trust includes their assets, properties, estates, and other valuables.

What are some mistakes that people make with a mediaid suntrusT?

To avoid making mistakes and legal issues with your medicaid trust, we recommend avoiding transfering the money within 3 years of needing to enter a nursing home and avoiding having financial problems with your estate that is included in the medicaid trust.

What is the benefit of using a medicaid trust?

The main benefit of using a medicaid trust for yourself and your healthcare is that you can qualify for Medicaid in the long-term – avoid worrying about short-term and long-term medical care by using this asset protection trust to keep your assets secure, even when you are running out of daily funds in your regular life.

How can I protect my family home?

If you’re worried about your family home from harming your medicaid status, then using a medicaid trust is the best way that you can protect your home!

What should I think about before creating a medicaid trust?

Before you create a medicaid trust for healthcare, you need to think about a few things. Think about the process of changing the beneficiaries of your plan, counting your property’s income in your medicaid status, and considering tax implications for your plan.


Although using a medicaid trust can be confusing, this is a foolproof way that you can guarantee long-term medicaid care without having to worry about your current assets, such as your income level and estate properties.