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First aired on April 8, 1990, Twin Peaks is a horror, mystery, and drama television series that was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Even if it only had two seasons, it has been a cult favorite and was known to be one of the creepiest TV show of all time. The show was set on a rainy, sleepy Washington forest town that is surrounded by mountains, mystery, and murder. The series featured the artists Kyle MacLachlan, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherilyn Fenn, and Ray Wise. And today,

we are here to give you a list of facts about the show and what went on behind the scenes of one of America’s favorite supernatural TV series.

  • Angelo Badalamenti composed Twin Peaks primary theme music “Love Theme” in just twenty minutes. Badalamenti has not seen any scene or footage of the TV series when he made the song.
  • David Bowie had a cameo role as Phillip Jeffries in “Fire Walk With Me”.
  • The show was originally entitled “Northwest Passage” but Angelo Badalamenti convinced the creators to change the title because he said that he once read a story that had the same title back in grade school.
  • Frank Silva, the actor who played Bob, was not a real actor but he was the show’s set decorator. His role came when Lynch realized that Silva had accidentally been caught on camera in some scenes with Laura Palmer’s mom. His face can be seen appearing in a mirror behind her. Instead of re-filming the scenes, they just created a new character to explain his appearance.
  • Former Soviet chairman Mikhail Gorbachev was a big fan of the TV series. Sources say that he went as far as calling former President George H.W Bush to pull some strings just to find out who killed Laura Palmer.
  • David Lynch did not reveal the killer to Mikhail Gorbrachev. In fact, he did not reveal it to anybody else even the cast and crew of the show. It came to a point that they were given phony scripts that came with bolded warnings to not leave them anywhere or share any information about Laura Palmer’s killer.
  • According to the great Paul McCartney, the Queen of England reportedly left a party that was held in the Buckingham Palace just to watch the Twin Peaks because she did not want to miss an episode.
  • The name of the sheriff, Harry Truman had a historical reference to a Washington residence with the same name who refused to leave his home when Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980.
  • After the show ended, producer Catherine Coulon, also known as the Log Lady, kept her log and enjoyed taking it to conventions. She said that a fan tried to buy the log for 275,000 dollars but she refused the offer.
  • Even if Twin Peaks only lasted two seasons, the prequel film Fire Walk With Me persisted to be a cult favorite. But despite this, the film performed poorly at the box office and was booed by the audience at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • The idea for the show came in when Lynch and Frost were working on a biopic for Marilyn Monroe. That’s why several elements of Marilyn Monroe’s life can be seen in Twin Peaks. Such as when Laura was killed just before she was set to announce that she was having an affair with a powerful and famous man.
  • Publisher Simon and Schuster released Laura Palmer’s famous diary and gave it the title “The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer”. The book contained Laura Palmer’s private journal entries which revealed that she was actually living a double life as a prostitute and other secrets that lead up to her murder. The book was written by Lynch’s daughter and it managed to reach the top spot of the New York Times best-seller list.
  • The creators wanted to give a feeling of isolation and removal from a society that’s Twin Peaks was supposed to be set on the plains of North Dakota but they later changed it and moved to Washington because they both decided that a forest setting would be more mysterious.
  • In the series finale of Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper was visited by a ghostly apparition of Laura Palmer who whispered into his ears “I’ll see you in 25 years”. At first, viewers thought that it was just some random statement. But on October of 2014, Showtime announced that they were continuing the series and fans were quick enough to note that the announcement was made 25 years after the series finale.
  • Most of the original cast is back for season three of Twin Peaks. Familiar names such as Special Agent Dale Cooper, Shelly, Bobby, James, Nadine, Ed, Norma, Hawk, Sarah Palmer, Ben and Jerry Horne, and Gordon Cole.
  • Season three is set 25 years after the first series and it will answer the mystery about what happened to Agent Dale Cooper.
  • Season three includes a lot of new characters. It includes the actors Tim Roth, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Laura Dern, and Naomi Watts.

These are the fun and interesting facts about Twin Peaks. Which one is your favorite?

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