Custom Art Ideas That Would Make an Excellent Gift This Christmas

Your walls are a canvas for you to express yourself, and what you put on them should reflect who you are and what is important to you. Custom art based on images of people and places you adore is an excellent way to accomplish this. Personalized family portraits and hand-drawn images of your home (whether current or childhood) are great ways to add style to your walls while telling a bit more of your story. And these 7 ideas to help you give someone a gift worthy of tears. Believe me! And help you decorate their walls. And yours. And well it is just the most perfect gift there is out there.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Listen, taking the perfect family photo can be… a process, especially if you have a large family with fidgety children. Getting a photo where everyone is smiling naturally with open eyes and no one is saying, “Can we be done?” is as rare as finding THAT fish in the sea. A custom family portrait as a Christmas gift is the one and only solution to this problem. There are many online services where you can send a few family photos to the artist to paint a beautiful portrait of your loved ones that captures all of their best qualities (including open eyes and smiling faces). But none of them compare to what PortraitFlip does. The painting will look stunning sitting among the various photos on a photo gallery wall.

Pet Portrait

If you know someone who is constantly canceling plans to spend the night on the couch with their pet, a custom pet portrait from PortraitFlip will show them (and all their visitors) how much your loved ones adore them. These minimal, modern portraits are the ideal way to add meaningful art to your loved ones’ walls—and they’re stunning, too, with plain backgrounds and crisp illustrations that let your pet shine. This company even provides tips for taking the perfect pet photo so you can be sure to capture your pet in the best light and get a frame-worthy piece.

Grandparent and Grandchildren Portrait

Grandparent and Grandchildren Portrait


Christmas is that time of the year when we all want to spend our best time with the best people. More than often those best people usually end up being our grandparents. But sometimes that is not the case—and you miss spending the best time with the best people. When it comes down to giving someone a Christmas gift who has lost their grandparents—a customized portrait becomes the best Christmas gift ever. How? You can give PortraitFlip photos of grandparents and grandchildren and get them turned into a single beautiful and meaningful portrait.

House Portrait

House Portrait because home is where the heart is—right? This special kind of portrait lets your home be with you wherever you go. Simply upload the best photo of the home you want, choose the medium (I’d suggest pastel painting), image size, and, if desired, frame style. In no time, you’ll have a stylish painting of your home to hang on the wall. Also, this makes a really thoughtful gift.

Couple Portrait

An illustrated portrait of you and your partner is a surefire way to knock this Christmas straight out of the park. PortraitFlip even creates custom-drawn portraits of couples (and their pets!) that will last for years. All you have to do is simply submit your photo, specify the medium, edit the background if needed (or you can even select from pre-sets if that’s more your style), and wait for your love-filled piece to arrive! You’ll receive a digital proof to allow for changes, followed by a detailed and bright-colored painting. You can even order it with a frame if desired—and even a timelapse video.

Landscape Portrait

Landscape Portrait

Want to honor a specific place or have a great snapshot from a memorable trip? Turn it into a customized handpainted portrait! There are many other personalized art possibilities available at PortraitFlip, but their landscape portraits in particular shouldn’t be missed. You can choose to get a painting in any medium desired(they have 7) and submit a photograph to create a completely unique portrait that you will treasure always.

Best Friend Portrait

An Instagram post is great, but how about a hand-drawn portrait of you and your best friend’s best selfie? That’s love. PortraitFlip’s custom handmade paintings are bright and colorful, and they capture the true colors of a pure friendship. Submit a couple of photos, describe a background, and decide what text(that is if you want to dedicate a line to them), you want on the drawing. You have the option of purchasing it with a frame that is ready to hang.

To Conclude

All these custom art ideas were for Christmas yes, but that shouldn’t stop you from using these ideas on other special occasions too. Thank us later! Happy Holidays!