Custom software development: outsourcing VS Outstaffing

Outsourcing and the copy are familiar terms in the regulation of Indonesian labor. The meaning of outsourcing is often simplified as subcontracting.

Examples of subcontracting work include call center operators, cleaners, mining contractors, transport, catering, security guards, etc. Because of the convenience, companies using outsourcing continue to increase from one year to another. The user company does not need to provide facilities and workers’ rights, because it is for the company outsourcing.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is mainly made on a project, a function, or an activity to a third party, which has all the resources available to perform, such as staff and qualified equipment. Given the importance of IT growth, companies in all industries run their IT services to remote contractors who offer products and IT services of great value to lower labor costs.

The real task of outsourcing does not save money, but rather an opportunity to free up resources and focus on a new direction of the core business or develop one that requires extra attention.

What is discharge?

Landfills are much less spoken, but he made his place. The general mechanism is as follows. Your company hires SmetFer employees who continue to work at their normal place of work, but essentially “change” their employer. In short, this is a design engineer/developer / QA doing the tasks you give them directly. This is the main difference between outsourcing.

When outsourcing is complex support of the entire project, the telecasted is all about hiring – the rest is a matter of contract and details. Generally, extraordonnés employees work remotely; Sometimes people are asked to relocate and join the team permanently. The customer can say, ‘I need this person for more work, I do not want to hire someone else, and I am completely satisfied with the work. ” In fact, outsourcing companies agree to such proposals. too, but in most cases they cannot guarantee that the developer will be free when the customer needs it. Landfills also presuppose psychological pressure problems, motivation, and fitness (especially for new employees in different countries).

Which one for you?

These two options: outsourcing and outstaffing can provide high efficiency with urgent needs. The choice of method depends on the situation. Hiring dedicated specialists make sense if you are willing to guide their activities and take more responsibility because you are in complete control here.

If you already know these employees and are satisfied with their work, you can hire them to continue their work, for example, maintain and/or regularly test your website.

If you have an entire project to be completed (in most cases), it makes more sense and is practical for you to the exterior a competent team. Even if you have no experience working with a software company offshore, there is a separate market that guarantees the required level of transparency and an NDA for the protection of your confidential business information that can be disclosed to your contractors to supplement a successful project. Outsourcing is a partnership, and often companies and software companies grow through sustainable trade relations.