Customer Engagement Platform: Segment and Conquer


Multiple engagement channels make life easier for customers. It allows them to make a call to the seller, chat online, or use instant messaging platforms. Simultaneously, organizations also need to keep an eye on modern trends or risk losing their customer base. Here, we will figure out how to communicate with clients using the customer engagement platform effectively.

What defines modern communication with clients 

Earlier, customers used to contact an organization only via fax or calls. Nowadays, the choice of engagement is much wider with various services. Customers can make contact using social networks, instant messengers, use the chat features on the site, call themselves or request a callback, leave applications on the site or use an email.

In everyday life, a person can use multiple ways to connect with his friends and family. Often they use the same technology to contact companies that they use to communicate in daily life. For example, if someone likes to use Whatsapp to connect with their acquaintance, they will probably want to order food through Whatsapp as well. Also, those who use Telegram daily will contact a beauty salon through it.

The method of engagement platform can depend on the context, where the client is currently settled. If he is at the office and at the same time wants to order a dress, he is unlikely to do it over a call. Bet he will use a messenger app or use a chat option. And vice versa, it will be much easier for a customer to call if he is driving at the moment, as well as if he suddenly runs out of balance on his phone, then the best option would be to request a callback. It will be pretty clear that a customer can move from one medium to another depending on context.

Another essential specification of a modern customer engagement platform also includes high speed. Today, no one likes to wait and asked stupid questions. On the contrary, every customer wants to be understood at a glance and quickly resolve their issue.

The changes in the communication process are not only meant for B2C organizations but B2B as well. Earlier, business-to-business communication was done over calls or email only during business hours. Now this line is getting erased. Modern employees want to communicate through their common channels and conveniently, which will not necessarily be working hours.

Above mentioned features pose severe hurdles for any company. Any mishap in the communication can influence a customer’s decision to become your client or, conversely, a competitor’s client.

Thus, for a positive customer engagement, any business should try to incorporate the following in their work culture:

  • A business must provide their customers with a choice of all customer engagement platforms: social networks, chat on the website, callback or instant messengers. It is upto the client to choose his preferred channel for communication that is more convenient for him and matches his current context.
  • Also, you must have a record of previous communication done by the same client through different channels on your side into one correspondence history. It will help your employees quickly become familiar with their issues and also minimizes the resolving time.
  • Do not make a client wait for a long time and get annoyed – train your employees to answer quickly and to the point.

For some business owners, these tips may sound unnecessary, fantasy and contradicting. If you provide all engagement platforms to the customer, the customer service agent may need to work simultaneously on multiple windows of different social networks, instant messengers, online chat, etc. In addition, it will make it difficult for the operator to respond quickly to every window. Also, collecting requests from one customer through different channels and saving them in a single correspondence history is generally incomprehensible.

Why modern businesses need customer engagement platforms

In real life, all the above problems are easily solvable. Modern customer engagement platforms allow an organization to collect all clients’ requests from multiple windows and display them in one place. All kinds of instant messenger and social network sites can be incorporated to such services, with the traditional callback feature. It will save an employee from working from multiple windows and also have the entire history of correspondence with the client in one place for faster response.

How to build a chain of communication online

Almost all business owners understand that any business’s communication with the client begins even before contacting them: calling or writing. When someone visits a business site, the first thing he will notice is headers, texts, images. It represents the first stage of communication that is already underway. Customer engagement can be improved in three simple steps.

1. Personalize website content

Every visitor should see a personalized text on the site. You can take into account the search phrase by which he came to you or some other parameters, for example, the state or city. You can replace the texts or heading on the pages to make them exactly fit their requirements.

If website personalization is done correctly, it can significantly improve the conversion ratio and allow you to get more hits without redesigning or increasing your marketing budget.

2. Use hooks texts

These are notifications that appear next to the online support icon and engage the visitor in a conversation. Hooks should be personalized according to the keywords, search query, region, and other parameters. A simple “I’m here for help” is not just boring but also less effective.

3. Show pop-ups

Yes, these are annoying. However, according to the data, these pop-ups can be your last chance to convert a website visitor into a lead.

You can program pop-ups for those who visited your site but left without completing the targeted action: order, application, chat. They should be reminded why they came to your site, and you can also offer to tell everything faster over the phone.

Business communication with customers in 2021 is not easy

The multiple ways to engage with an organization and the speed of order fulfillment spoiled us as buyers. Nevertheless, customers still act within the rules assigned by the company to them. However, if a business just creates pages on social media, and there is no one to monitor messages, they will lose customers. Therefore, all businesses need to be guided by common sense.

About the company

Knowmax is one of the most popular managed services developers for businesses in India. It is very often mentioned and recommended to entrepreneurs at business training and marketing events. The system is ideally tailored for B2B, B2C, effective work of the sales department, telecom, banking, e-Commerce analytics and integrating all communication channels with the client in a single interface.

Their customer engagement platform can easily integrate with almost any additional tools, for example, telephony, e-mail, forms on the site, allowing you not to lose a single client. In 2021, the team also added solutions for decision trees, visual guides, chatbot knowledge, knowledge base, learning management and visual assistance.




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