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Short introduction

David and Jonathan is the name of the British musical duo consisting of professional partners Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway, who are both singers and songwriters in their own right. Cook and Greenaway started working together in 1965 in Bristol, England. They used this name after the Biblical characters. With their collaboration, they wrote several songs for other artists like The Hollies, The Fortunes, Blue Mink, The New Seekers, The Hillside Singers, Whistling Jack Smith, Engelbert Humperdinck, Sunny, and others. As David and Jonathan, they recorded singles such as their cover of the Beatles’ “Michelle” and their own material “Lovers Of The World Unite.”

Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook aka David and Jonathan

David and Jonathan was a British pop duo, hailing from Bristol, England. But the names of the members weren’t David and Jonathan; in fact, the duo consisted of Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook. They took their stage name after the Biblical characters.

The two Rogers started collaborating together in 1965. They were primarily more of songwriters than singers, penning tunes including “This Diamond Ring” and “You’ve Got You Troubles” for the pop group The Fortunes (who were also British). However, they did have some pleasing harmonies as singers.


Biggest hit with “Michelle,” and other charting singles

Naming themselves David and Jonathan, they collaborated with George Martin to do a cover of the Beatles’ “Michelle.” Their soft-ballad rendition has traces of Chad and Jeremy, but even more pop-oriented. David and Jonathan’s version of “Michelle” rose to become a top 20 hit on both sides of the Atlantic, peaking at #18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #11 on the UK singles chart in 1966.

The follow-up to “Michelle” was Clint Ballard Jr.’s “Speak Her Name,” which was only a very minor hit. However, David and Jonathan bounced back, at least in their native homeland, with their self-penned single “Lovers of the World Unite” which peaked at #7 on the UK singles chart in the summer of 1966.

The duo released another Beatles cover “She’s Leaving Home,” which peaked at #123 on the Billboard charts in 1967, marking the end of David and Jonathan’s run on the charts.

The two Rogers continuing career as songwriters

David and Jonathan also sang the theme song for the spy spoof movie Modesty Blaise, with well, “Modesty Blaise.”

After David and Jonathan, Cook and Greenaway were still together mostly writing songs which were recorded by other artists including The Hollies, Blue Mink, Gene Pitney, White Plains, Englebert Humperdinck, Whistling Jack Smith and many others.

Recorded songs by David and Jonathan

List may be impartial:

  • “Michelle”
  • “Speak Her Name”
  • “Lovers of the World Unite”
  • “She’s Leaving Home”
  • “How Bitter the Taste of Love”
  • “Oh My Word”
  • “Ten Storeys High”
  • “Looking for My Life”
  • “One Born Every Minute”
  • “Laughing Fit to Cry”
  • “Remember What You Said”
  • “Take It While You Can”
  • “Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzennellenbogen By The Sea”
  • “Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)”
  • “Softly Whispering I Love You”
  • “Such A Peaceful Day”
  • “You Ought To Meet My Baby”
  • “I’ve Got That Girl On My Mind”
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