Davie Allan (and The Arrows)


Introduction to Davie Allan

Davie Allan learned to play guitar in high school where he met schoolmate Mike Curb in choir.  During the early 60s music era he and Curb formed an instrumental surf combo. After a couple of unsuccessful singles Curb went on to songwriting and producing while Allen formed his instrumental group The Arrows, which over time became Davie Allan and the Arrows. When Mike Curb made a deal to create soundtracks for many of producer/director Roger Corman’s B-Movies, he brought Davie Allan and the Arrows along with him. While recording for these movies Davie Allan created his now famous “Fuzz” guitar sound for Corman’s biker movies.  In 1967 Davie Allan and the Arrows recorded his biggest hit “Blues Theme” (#37 The Billboard Hot 100) from Corman’s biker movie “The Wild Angels” starring Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra & Bruce Dern. In the 1960’s Davie Allan and the Arrows continued recording biker and other movie soundtracks using his signature “Fuzz” guitar sound.  Davie Allan has had a career resurgence in the 1990’s & 2000’s and is still recording and performing on a regular basis.  His “Fuzz Guitar” creation has made him a guitar legend.  Other Davie Allan and the Arrows songs:  “Apache ’65,” “Commanche,” “Shape of Things to Come,” “Bongo Party,” “Moon Dawg ’65,” “Chopper”, “Theme From the Wild Angels,” “Peter Gunn,” “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,”  “Devil’s Angels,” “Polyurethane,” “Corridor of Fear,” “The Unknown,” “Encounter”, “The Born Losers Theme”, “Extrasensory Deception,” “Open Throttle,” “Experiment In Terror,” “Frantic,” “The Missing Link,” “Cycle-Delic,” “King Fuzz,” “War Path,” “C’mon Do the Freddie,” “Granny Goose,” “Blue Christmas,” “The Glory Stompers,” “Flashback” & “Blues Trip.”

Meet Davie Allan

Davie Allan, whose best-known work with his backing band The Arrows is found on the The Wild Angels movie soundtrack, is an American guitarist. He hailed from San Fernando Valley, Southern California. Although his birth year is still uncertain, few sources cite that his birth date is June 8. His interest with guitars started when he was still in high school, where he also met Mike Curb from the campus choir; together they formed an instrumental surf rock band.

Allan’s recording journey (along with the Arrows)

Curb established his first label Cude Records, in 1963. On that label, Allan issued his debut single “War Path.” Allan also did some participation for the label’s other artists such as The Heyburners, the Sudells and the Zanies. The following year, Curb once again founded a new label called Sidewalk Records where Allan was employed as a studio musician. Later, he was signed to the label as well with the newly-formed group the Arrows, which served as his backing unit.

By that time, Curb was already in discussion with director-film producer Roger Corman and ended up with a deal to do soundtracks for Corman’s company, American International Pictures.  Allan and the Arrows eventually entered their first soundtrack project for Corman’s 1965 short film Skaterdriver. In 1966, Allan and the Arrows took a breather in their career when they were invited to do the soundtrack for another Corman film, The Wild Angels. The group recorded a tune for the film’s opening called “Blues’ Theme” which they also released as single. The song ranked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100. With his remarkable work highlighted by the  the fuzzy guitar sound which he was later known for, Allan was even noted as the “King of Fuzz Guitar” years after.

When Sidewalk Records collapsed in 1968, Allan had a brief stint for MGM Records. Although became known as a one-hit wonder, he still enjoys his cult status and continues to release records and perform in live gigs, albeit irregularly.

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