Dealing with Corona-virus Pandemic Situation: How to Keep Calm and Stay Inspirit?


I often reminisce about New Year’s eve last year with the firecrackers lighting up the whole sky – we were cheering, partying, dancing, and wishing each other a fantastic year ahead; did any of us ever think the year would turn out like this?

And who must have thought that we will be living each day fearing death, and suffering from frustration and anxiety over a worldwide pandemic with nowhere to flee and no one to hug and cry? Such overwhelming this year has been so far and still counting.

But what amazes me is that, for the first time in history, people from all around the globe can feel each other no matter how many miles away they live, even if they are entirely unknown to each other’s territory.

Corona-virus has brought us almost on the same page regardless of our socio-economic condition fighting the same enemy. On the contrary, it sounds a bit positive this way, doesn’t it?

This is how, with a little shift from our point of view, we can look at this whole situation in a different light which is not only bearable but also has brought us the break and space we always needed. This pandemic has given us the time that can offer a lot of possibilities if we can keep ourselves calm, content, and up-lifted to make the most of it.

While it is not always as easy to do as it is to say, here are some ways to be helpful to you:

Motivate Yourself

For everything that exists has good and bad sides of them. To stay motivated through any situation, we need to find those hidden blessings out and remember them with every step. However, sometimes we are too down to do that on our own; sometimes, we just can’t see! Therefore, here are 45 motivation affirmations to get you moving.

Stay Away from Negativity

By this, I mean all those media coverage and social media updates that keep talking about the corona-virus situation’s dreadfulness, like those daily statistics of affected people and death ratios, unnerving discussions, harrowing assumptions, etc. Avoid them since they only provoke you to be more paranoid every time.

If you are not going to write a thesis on this pandemic, it is better to stay away from too much information; they are not going to benefit you anyways. So limit your exposure to such news, and take a break from social media when filled with those fearful/painful/frustrating updates, thoughts, incidents, or discussions.

Rather watch movies or series that make you happy, read lots of beautiful books, listen to feel-good songs, and talk to people who make you laugh.

Challenge Yourself with Short-term Exciting Goals

Regardless of the frustrating circumstances of the current days, you need to keep yourself upbeat and excited to maintain your mental health and stay proactive. Therefore, set small goals that keep you busy and focused without causing you any mental stress.

It can be anything from shedding a significant amount of body weight to learning a new skill; it can be even finishing a particular task you’ve been pushing for so long since you didn’t have enough free time.

Maintain a Routine Life

Due to this pandemic situation, many of us work from home with flexible timing, while some may have no work. It is quite understandable that initially, we all were a bit messed up, which made our daily routine fall apart. However, things must not go on this way for long.

No matter if you have a job or not, don’t fall into a routine-less routine, which will lead you to grow lethargic, hopeless, and depressed at the same time and leave you unfit for a post-pandemic active future in turn.

Enjoy Your Family Times

If we look back, we’ll find that our families were the thing we have missed the most in our pre-pandemic life; they have been most under-treated. However, with this new reality, we can mend all those relations that are the closest grew weak with time due to continuous ignorance.

Therefore, use the time to rejuvenate the family ties. Make it to the fullest; cook and eat together, watch movies, play with your kids, and above everything, talk! Share your thoughts and listen to them; surely, there is nothing more satisfying than a well-composed family.

Keep Connected

You are in quarantine, that doesn’t mean you have to detach yourself from everyone and live a gloomy, solitary life! In this era of high-speed internet, communication should never be a problem. So take advantage of those great apps to enjoy hangouts with your friends and families sitting safely in your respective places.

Prioritize Your Passion

Grow a new passion or dedicate time to an old one; give it it’s deserved space and concentration since now you can easily manage to do that. If you can’t find anything to be passionate about, grow more creative about your day-to-day work.

This will add a feel-good effect in your life, making you more playful and confident and taking away the monotony of your day to day chores.

Work on Your Physical Fitness

Having to stay home for this extended period will affect your fitness if you don’t maintain it carefully. No access to the gym should not be used as an excuse here since lethargy will be your worst enemy, slowly giving rise to other troubles in life.

You may do freehand exercises, or start yoga, or aerobics; do as you please, but make sure you are staying physically active.

Act Supportive

It is vital, especially as long as corona-virus is concerned; we have to have each other back to make it through. So support people; however, you can maintain the health restrictions, and trust in karma; good things happen to those who do good to others.

Last but Not Least, Spread Love and Compassion

Take care of your neighbors, help the needy, pray for people worldwide, let your heart grow warm and humble, and thankful for every breath we take here on this earth. And love! Since love can cure almost everything; Like the Beatles sang, “All we need is love, love is all we need!”

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