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Have you ever edited your image? Well, everyone does, especially girls. They are more conscious about their looks and edit the selfies or photos to increase the brightness, look fairer, hide the face spots, add other objects or fake hairs, etc. That’s not it. Because our new technology has introduced many advanced features, like secretly location tracking with location tracking app, editing videos with video editors, etc. If we talk about edited videos, the not average person can identify the fake one. 40% of videos are those that are impossible to say them fake. Facebook also closed many accounts in 2019 because of fake sources. 

Let’s check out what is Deepfakes technology and How a Cell phone tracker can Detect Such Tools in a child’s phone. 

Deepfakes – The What?

It is an artificial media in which a user replaces the current person in a photo or video with someone’s else likelihood. Such videos and images are forged using artificial intelligence. Every year, this technology is improving and give more realistic results than ever before. Machine learning & artificial intelligence are the main components behind Deepfakes. Such fake sources are used to deceive the people and make them think that these are the real persons. Society can make negative comments on the target person by watching Deepfakes videos. Such content is widely used in politics, pornography, defaming, strikes, etc. 

How Does it Work?

It is not an easy task to do because it requires deep learning. Learning about what? Well, it is the basic and in-depth information of the target person, including the photos, videos, gestures, speaking style, etc. Here, a discriminator and generator work simultaneously. What generator does? It works hard to develop a fake image or video, which seems too real. The discriminator tells if it is easy to find it forged. They battle with each other and results in a pure fake image or video that an average person cannot identify. 

Google and Facebook have announced to build-up a database of forged videos. Hope for the Best!

Does Deepfakes Technology Harm the Young Generation?

Indeed, Gen z is the most digital native, and they know much about the editing tools than others. But still, they need some guidance about how they should grow in such an environment where forged videos and images are becoming common every passing day. Educate your kids!

1 – Don’t Give Their Photos or Videos to An Online User

It might be possible that your kid is in contact with any online predator. Such individuals ask for photos or videos to make fake ones. They require in-depth learning and demand the collection of images from the target person or steal the private data with a malware attack. 

2 – Never Trust Every Online Video 

We should tell the teens that every online video is not what it says or look like. Our new generation can interact with fake video information and can direct to the wrong side. 

3 – They Shouldn’t Try Such Tools 

Our grooming kids are growing in a digital environment, and they know how to use new tools or to edit the image like a professional. We should make sure that they don’t go in this direction and avoid making a forged video or photos.

How to check What Your Kids Do Online?

My answer is Cell phone tracker. If you think that cell phone trackers only offer online location tracking, then you are not right. It does provide more than you can think. Real-time monitoring helps to explore the installed tools in the kid’s device with remote commands. It gives no clue to the target user and fetches all the activity details, and sends them to the end-server. The end-user can detect any editor on the mobile phone and empowers us to uninstall it without touching the android phone. Cell phone tracker helps in different ways, but all you need is to understand how to use it righteously. 


Deepfakes technology has become common and mostly use in pornography. People also use this technology to make a false statement to take revenge on the target person. There are extreme uses of Deepfakes tech that can really hit a person severely. Parents should instruct teens and kids about the consequences and how the dark web can use their photos to make forged videos. 

Society learns the real values of a person from their digital footprints. So, it is crucial to understand how such tech can ruin a life. 

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