Demonstrations May Deter Vegas Travel


It had been announced last week that after over two months of closures, sin city itself would begin to reopen the doors of its casinos and allow travellers to start enjoying the bright lights of Vegas once again – this was before the demonstrations and protests begun across the country causing disruptions, but it doesn’t appear as though these disruptions are going to impact the reopening of the city.

Whilst the disruptions may not prevent the reopening, there are concerns that it may derail what had expected to be a strong reopening as experts suggest that only the more risk averse and more risk tolerant would be those to visit the strip. Whilst the coronavirus caused initial delay for the city allowing tourism once again, it seems the protests may lead to some further delays in the widespread grand opening that had been hoped for, the current statement is that all the locations on the strip that were set to reopen on Thursday will still be going ahead with their plans and those who had planned to travel to Vegas for the casinos will still be able to, however there is still the possibility for this to change as the protests have been getting more violent as days have went by – as it stands drive in visitors make up for roughly half of all visitation,  and whilst there is still uncertainty around air travel this trend is expected to continue for the time being. 

For those not looking to travel to the gambling hub, mobile gaming is still performing extremely well as it holds on to the surge in users due to the coronavirus pandemic – mobile casinos and betting sites continue to be amongst the favourites played on the platform, other services are also growing in popularity as a review of Leo Monaco casino has shown an alternative to other popular services – these will continue to provide entertainment to those who are unable to attend the reopening of the casinos over the coming week or two.

As mentioned, there is a concern now that the plans for Vegas could change at any moment – even if the protests do end soon there is still very much the possibility of a second wave of infection regarding the coronavirus, especially now that there have been large groups of people coming together for these protests – if there is a second outbreak then it’s likely that the state will once again need to go back in to lockdown. There’s also the possibility of a reduced state of travel if the current protests do become more violent, recent news has suggested the military may be utilised to disperse these protests which may cause even further delay – if you had planned to visit Vegas as the casinos reopen once again, it may be wise to keep a closer eye on what is currently happening as your plans may need to change last minute depending on what is currently happening within the state.

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