Dental appointment 101: Emergency cases dental clinics accept on short notice

Setting a dental appointment in Brisbane usually means you will see your dentist after a few days or a few weeks. There are some dental clinics however base when they see a patient on what their case is. If you have an emergency case, like a broken tooth or an abscess that is causing you a lot of pain, your dentist may agree to see you as soon as possible.

Dental emergencies dentists rarely ignore

So, what dental emergencies warrant an immediate appointment with a dentist in Brisbane? The kind of dental emergency Brisbane dentists consider for an immediate consultation include the following:

  • Tooth or jaw injury – If you were in an accident where a tooth loosened, fell out, or broke, you can set an immediate appointment with a dentist in Brisbane. If you suffered a fractured jaw, your favourite dentist can recommend for you to see an oral surgeon or send you to the nearest ER.
  • Unbearable toothache – Severe toothaches can also get you into a dental chair immediately. It is a dental emergency Brisbane dentists know shouldn’t be ignored. These usually indicate more serious dental problems, like severe tooth decay or an infection.
  • Broken braces – Your dentist will also allow you to book a dental appointment at the last minute when you have problems with your braces. Broken or loose braces can cause a lot of damage in the mouth. It can scrape or puncture the inside of your mouth. It can also cause pain to your gums and your teeth.
  • Chipped or broken teeth – If you chip your tooth while biting on something hard or because of an accident, you can get your dentist to see you immediately. More-often-than-not, broken or cracked teeth can cause a lot of pain. It can also cause bacteria to enter the tooth, causing more serious problems. This is a dental emergency Brisbane dentists know will need immediate attention.
  • Swollen gums or teeth due to an abscess – This usually happens when an infected tooth and lack of proper dental hygiene come together. An abscess is actually swelling that is full of pus. The most common reason why this happens is when you ignore a rotting tooth because of your fear of the dentist. An abscess can bring serious consequences since it not only has pus but also dangerous bacteria that can make you very sick.

How to avoid the need for such emergency dental visits

If you don’t want to experience such dental emergencies, you should take good care of your dental health. Regular visits to your dentist, proper dental hygiene, and scheduling a dental appointment the moment you notice something wrong should be practiced. Always remember the saying – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you want to keep your teeth in good health all your life, visit a dentist twice a year for a regular check-up. If you don’t have a dentist yet, you should consider Fix Dental. They have a roster of dentists who can help you with any dental concerns you have. They even have payment plans for those who need emergency dental help but cannot pay the entire fee upfront. To find out more about Fix Dental and what they can do for you, visit today.