Dental Clinic Patients: The Strategies And Secret to Attract More


To keep a dental practice flourishing long-term, new patients are essential. Even practices with a loyal patient base need to work to keep the practice growing by being innovative and inviting. There are several things that a dental practice can do to attract more clients.

Offer Specials

Dental offices that want more patients often offer discounts or specials like a free consultation or special financing options. Many people need a specific type of dental work but are hesitant because of the cost. Giving them an incentive is sometimes all it takes to bring them in. Create new patient specials that are different from other dental practices in the area.

Offer Flexible Payment Plans

Not everyone has dental insurance, and dental work can be expensive. Dental offices that provide flexible payment plans attract many patients who need dental work but do not have the funds to pay for it upfront. Consider accepting credit cards and partnering with a finance company that allows patients to borrow for dental care.

Ask for Referrals

A dental practice should encourage established customers to refer their friends and family. Find a way to solicit referrals, like sending emails to follow up after dental service. Many practices offer incentives for patients who refer others. This could be in the form of gift cards, movie tickets, or a statement credit toward their next visit.

Update the Website

People often use search engines to find a new dentist. Make sure the dental practice is getting noticed in searches. Ensure the website is mobile-friendly and does not contain too many graphics or media, which can slow down the load speed. Have a button or quick way for people to contact the practice to schedule an appointment. Consider hiring a website design company do the heavy work of creating an effective and professional website.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

One way to get new dental patients is through pay-per-click search engine ads. New patients usually click the first or second practice in the search returns. Paid search ads are a great way to appear at the top of the results.

Hire the Best Staff

Bad employees will drive people away, but good ones can help attract new patients. Skilled, trained, experienced professionals will help grow a practice by sharing their knowledge and vision with the team. Provide regular professional development and growth opportunities to keep all staff members well-educated.

Utilize Social Media

Most people are active on social media, which provides practices with a very effective way to influence current patients and attract new ones. Focus on building relationships, magnifying marketing plans, and growing a loyal following. Establish brand pages, and regularly post meaningful content related to hygiene, care, and dental practice. Remember to use hashtags and keywords in posts.

Know the Competition

Know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Analyze industry reports and find out their range of services. There could be a need that other dental practices aren’t meeting. Read reviews of dental practices on third-party review websites to determine what people want but aren’t getting. Find out what the successful practices in the area are doing right and work to emulate that model.

Combining the above strategies will be the most effective and impactful. Build a reputation for excellent care and great customer service and patients will be coming back for years.

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