Description of O Light Baton 3 Pro


The Baton 3 Pro is a 4-inch dense light with an all-metal frame. A built-in magnet at the Baton 3’s tail-cap permits consumers to work hands-free around a metal outward. I also assessed the magnets strength inside my truck’s hood, and it worked without a tricky. The tail-cap is where the included magnetic charger fastens to the Baton 3 to charge the flashlight. A cross-knurled unit above the tail-cap runs around the Baton 3 Pro’s frame. This raised area rises the user’s grip on the Baton 3 Pro when circumstances are wet or when wearing gloves. Above the knurled unit at the Baton 3 Pro’s dome is a 2-way pocket clip.

The 2-way pocket clip is a brilliant accumulation to carrying the flashlight in one’s pant pocket. The 2-way belt clip also sorts a small halyard connection. I also estimated attaching the 2-way pocket clip on the brim of a baseball cap as a spontaneous headlight.

This new night light is designed to be used with some kind of work. The regular Baton 3 Pro has a protective rubber handle, and it’s slightly larger than the one on the Baton 3 Pro, so you won’t have a problem fitting it in a pocket.

Baton 3 Pro:

Features of O Light Baton 3 Pro LED Flashlight:

  • Olight Baton 3 Pro has a 1300 lumen 3W spotlight
  • An LED flashlight with a 35mm thread.
  • Long lasting and energy efficient design
  • No moving parts
  • Safe to use indoors
  • A single AA battery included
  • Adjustable & portable construction
  • For Full Visibility at Night
  • Soft touch grip for comfortable shooting
  • Lightweight and Reflective


Olight Baton 3 Pro is a flashlight. The light, which is incredibly bright, has three settings: off, medium, and full. The light is plenty strong enough to illuminate a work surface from eight inches away, and I found it to be perfectly sufficient for most lighted woodworking tasks, including slicing through plywood and hand tools. The light is powerful enough to cut through heavier woods like poplar, although it’s too bright for using in the dark.

I found that the light provided plenty of light to work on both the left and right sides of the wood, even when I used my index finger as a pointer. I would have liked the light to be brighter (even one click brighter), but the light has a strong white color, which is very helpful for cutting through any dark areas. The light has two dots on the front of the head that indicate the intensity of the light; a click turns the light off.


The dullness of the Baton 3 Pro is evident in the plastic-bristle tool. The bristles are thin, but they’re not so thin that they’ll be tiring to use. They still provide a bit of tactile resistance when you’re working, and they’re slightly stiffer than the larger (but not extra-fine) tips of the standard Baton 3. The regular-size brush comes with a rubber grip, while the special-size brush has a knurled pattern. The brush on the handle of the Baton 3 Pro is the same width as the one on the standard model, but it’s a bit thicker than it is on the regular model, so it’s a bit easier to grip.

The grip on the Baton 3 Pro feels a bit wider than the side of the barrel, so there’s some flexibility there. However, the end of the grip—the part that wraps around the handle—is also significantly wider than the rest of the grip, so there’s no give there. This makes the Baton 3 Pro a bit more of a challenge to hold on to than the Baton 3.0. A bit of a squeeze will get you comfortable with it, but it’s not an ideal grip if you regularly use a tool like this.

Ultimate Vision

Overall, the Olight Baton 3 Pro’s light quality was excellent, and the battery lasted long enough for me to use it for lighted woodworking for a couple of days straight. However, some serious light lovers, especially those working with lacquer, will need a model with a significantly brighter light. Olight does offer a battery-powered version of the Baton 3 Pro, but I was quite happy with the one I tested.

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