Designing Customized Unboxing Experience with the Packaging Republic


Designing a memorable unboxing experience for your target customers is one of the few ways you can emotionally and physically connect with your customers beyond your online store. Since your customers cannot step inside your store and gain the first-hand experience of your brand, their first physical interaction with the brand is through your packaging and product.

It’s the only way they get to feel, touch, and interact with your brand in real life, so make every effort to come up with boxes that allow you to leave a positive first impression.

Packaging Republic can help you create a lasting first impression by winning customer loyalty with a great unboxing experience for your customers. The company is already catering to over 5,000 brands, including some of the popular ones in the industry. And the packaging experts at the firm would like to do the same for you.

But before you go into a partnership with the US-based custom packaging supplier, it is vital to know everything about the company. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a printer will help you decipher whether or not they can meet your expectations and deliver the goods. Let’s find out what exactly this company does and why it’s a good fit for your business.

What Does Packaging Republic Do?

Headquartered in California, USA, the company helps businesses create bespoke boxes and packages to encase and ship their products. The company ensures it provides quality packaging boxes that can be wholly personalized down to the shape, materials, colors, design, and more. The low minimum order quantity (MOQ) saves you from splurging extra money on the extra supply of boxes.

The company offers various innovative solutions to help breathe life into your dream packaging, including a digital mockup that gives you a gist of what the finished product will look like. It also empowers you to print on the inside and outside of your packaging and offers real-time price adjustments that easily adapt as you add and remove features to keep things within your budget.

Who Can Use Its Services?

E-commerce business owners who recognize the value of branded packaging experience and like to personalize their shipping boxes can acquire its services. The tiny minimums and competitive pricing make it an ideal packaging partner for businesses of any size, be it’s the ones that have just started gaining traction or those who have a strong foothold in the market. Through expedited service options, businesses are getting thousands of boxes each month.

Virtually, the packaging firm can collaborate with any business that wants to create beautiful, well-designed, innovative, and premium quality packages that set their products apart while staying true to their brand persona and aesthetics.

Top Features and Services

One of the best things about joining hands with this company is that they realize that no two businesses are alike since they have different wants and needs. This holds true for product packaging as they love to personalize down to every last detail. Companies usually get the option to work with a foundation. They build on that to tot up and remove various features before figuring out what best suits their needs.

Following are the best features and services of the printer that it offers to every business:

Packaging Types

The company offers a broad array of packaging options that manufacturers and retailers can customize to their needs. For example:

Lip Gloss Packaging in US

The popular packaging option is utilized by some popular lip gloss brands in the US. Each package boasts a unique design, high-quality materials, and vivid print that makes them attractive and completely different from other lip gloss packaging boxes in the US.

Mailer Boxes

A perfect solution to enclose gift boxes, e-commerce packaging, or subscription boxes since it actively protects the primary packaging during transit and ensures safe delivery of the product without requiring padding or additional packaging.

Best Custom Cereal Boxes

These attention-grabbing boxes are ideal for showcasing your breakfast cereals in stores. Not only do the best custom cereal packaging boxes maintain the rigidity to keep the contents safe during the shipping process, but also give potential buyers a good idea about the contents.

Sample Packaging Boxes

To get a gist of what your box may look like, feel free to ask for sample packaging boxes that are pretty much like the final product.

These are just a few of many boxes that the Anaheim-based printer offers to its clients. Each option can be personalized to meet the size of the product you want to fit inside them. The packaging firm asserts on its official website that all of its packages can be personalized to provide a secure fit for the goods inside.

Their boxes can come in a variety of finishes, ranging from matte, glossy, standard white, plain brown, and more. You can also use amalgamate them to provide a unique contrast. To gain more information on how to leverage different box finishes in your memorable unboxing experience, speak to their representative. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning here that most boxes are made with sustainable materials that enable manufacturers and sellers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Top Customizable Features

Another highlight of their service is that they can customize nearly every element on the packaging so you can have your dream box that works its magic for your brand. Below are some of the key features of the box this company customizes for you:

Box Size

It is your call whether you would want to use the printer’s default dimensions or like to have your own. In any case, make sure it suits your product.

Double-Sided Printing

Print the product box from inside and out to make them stand apart from the rest.

Custom Print Any Area of the Box

You can choose any specific section of the box or print all over the box, it’s at your discretion.

Gloss or Matte Finish

Choosing between one of these finishes is also at your convenience. Apart from that, you can also go with Kraft or standard white finishes. The white printing options are usually matte, while Dreamcoat printing has a glossy finish.

Packaging Colors

Generally speaking, offset printing use four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), abbreviated as CMYK, but the process also allows for custom ink colors to be used instead. These custom ink colors are referred to as Pantone colors.

Packaging Designs

The designs, artwork, logo placement, and visual branding are totally at your discretion, so customize them the way you like and make your packaging pop among hundreds of similar products.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The minimum order requirement starts from just 100 boxes. It remains the same whether you need customized box styles, mailer packaging, folding carton, or beauty packages.

This makes it a super feasible option for businesses of all sizes and scopes. For instance, if you are operating with a tiny budget, you don’t have to buy additional boxes to meet the minimum requirement. And if you are an established online business, you can increase or decrease the number of units per your requirement. It proves really handy during the holiday or festive season when the demand for various products suddenly spikes up and slows down once the event is over.


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