Developing and Releasing a SaaS Product


Some of the most versatile kinds of software in use today would have to be Software as a Service application. These platforms enable businesses to allocate resources to the cloud and obtain necessary tools with a subscription that scales according to their individual needs. With a service as complex as this, many talented developers work together to form a team that ensures that this kind of service can be maintained, managed, and kept as error-free as possible. Some of the software we use every single day is built on the foundation of many teams working in a plethora of diverse roles.

Roles of a SaaS Team

The key members of a software and SaaS product development team include the project manager, the software architect, the designers, the quality assurance team, and of course the SaaS developers. Trusted saas marketing agencies heavily contribute to a successful software launch, and since a software as a service platform is an ongoing commitment, these roles are vital to making sure the platform stays active even after launch.

The project manager is in charge of defining the goals of the project at large and guiding the team to fulfilling them, functioning as a leader, and managing communication to the clients, the business supervisors, and the developers while ensuring that progress on the project is not straying off course. Within the project itself, choices such as design, technical standards, platforms, and development strategies are determined by the software architect. Once these decisions are made, the roadmap to software creation will begin. Software designers and developers at this stage create, test, and execute software based on the required specifications.

This can be done through implementing new software solutions, modifying existing ones, or a combination of both. Once a prototype or draft is established, the quality assurance team ensures that the software adheres to a level of release quality by testing, analyzing, and scoping out for any errors that might compromise the user experience in any way.

Project Release

What makes the software ready for release is when it is determined that it has completed all of its initial goals of development and determined to be usable by consumers without any complications. More often than not, these goals are met within the predetermined timeline so that developers have time to make necessary fixes before launch. A minimum viable product is one method in which a business can ascertain what changes may need to be made prior to the final launch.

This is a release of the software with the minimum amount of features needed to function.  For software as a service platform release, a minimum viable product may help decide if the service is usable in a stable manner. This kind of release also has the benefit of establishing a subscriber base right out of the gate.

Development and release of a SaaS platform is no easy task, but a talented team within a business is able to create working pieces of software that often exceeds the expectations of clients, consumers, and managers alike.

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