Did You Know You Can Create Art Out of Your DNA?

Sounds straight out of a science fiction novel? But this is very much REAL. People across the globe are refurbishing their homes with these extraordinary objects of awe.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg, is known to have created DNA portraits/art from discarded used human items, for her project Stranger Visions.

Salvador Dali, from the 20th century, is very closely associated with this form of art. He was very much ahead of his time. He was a Catalonian artist with a deep fascination for genetic mysticism. One of his works – Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid is composed of his wife and his DNA.

Officials of DNA Art UK Limited shared the relevance of such artwork today.

‘It’s a unique self-portrait, a portrait of you, by you,’ remarks Dutch molecular geneticist Rudolf Wessels.

“DNA Art is at the cutting edge of art and science,” states Frank Scolaro, Director of DNA Art UK.

Some of the biggies making their mark in this industry have been mentioned below.

1. DNA11

A major company that has been working immensely on DNA art portraits worldwide is DNA11. They are highly committed to rendering a hassle-free procedure to get your personal DNA portraits. They beautifully manifest the amalgamation of science and design.

The interested customers get a DNA collection kit delivered to their doorstep. The components are packed in a metal box. There is a well-drafted manual inside the box to guide you through the DNA collection process. A swab kit is present for you to collect and enclose your cheek swab on the FTA card to extract DNA. You can choose a color for your DNA artwork. Or can suggest what’s on your mind for the color scheme of your portrait. Then, you can enclose the collected sample in an envelope and send it back for further fabrication.

The sample is sent to the laboratory with a barcode to ensure distinction. The technicians work on unusual genomes to get you that personal biological artwork. In the making process, the DNA is filled with gel, and gel electrophoresis is carried out which separates the larger and smaller DNA strands.

Thereafter, the DNA is stained, put on an ultraviolet box because of which gets illuminated and an image is captured. The team of designers then works on the picture to get your specified customizations. Buyers also get a digital version of their product to save on their devices if they wish to.  Further additions like frame size, quality, personal signature are incorporated and the final piece is delivered. DNA11 has successfully served more than 10K customers in 29 different countries.

2.  GeneticPhotos

This company takes extreme pride in combining contemporary art and genes. Pioneering DNA artistic profiles in Spain by means of G-Portraits or G-Chromas. Their product categories are diverse enough to include G-Crystal, G-T-Shirt, and G-Portrait Baby.

As with the previous brand, the potential buyers are first sent a collection kit which includes, ID code card for G-Portraits or G-Chromas (as per the selection) and 2 cotton swabs. It is suggested not to consume any food 30 minutes before the sample collection. Make sure to fill in the Identification Codes on the code cards and collect a DNA sample from the side of your cheek. After letting the swabs dry for 20 minutes, put them in the sterile tubes. In the case of 2 DNA collection samples at the same residence, separate kits are sent. The fingerprint collection goes around pretty much the same. Just the difference is that it will have fingerprint cards instead of swabs.

G-Portraits are made in a very similar fashion to DNA11 artwork. Here, G-Chromas are interesting to explore. They are color code representations of your DNA sequence which is acquired via fingerprints. Using Polymerase Chain Reaction, differential characteristics of the genome are amplified. Electrophoresis is conducted and the sequence of nucleotides is obtained. This is transcribed to visual forms following your specifications. For a more personalized appeal, you can request icons, higher resolution, and any discretionary addition. GeneticPhotos with its heterogeneous collection serves as a large pool of customized gifts.

Why has it gained popularity?

We are constantly on the verge of rejuvenating things for a more creative and innovative outlook. We are also looking for avenues to associate sentimentally, whenever we can. In such standard criterion, we are weaving up Science and Art, and the fusion is doing wonders. DNA or Genetic art has become so popular because of its endless scope of optimization and personalization. It can truly reflect you. More so ever, it is a part of you (in a beautiful imagery form).

DNA portraits are great symbolic pieces. Gift these to your loved ones, or decorate your walls with these magnificent décor pieces. These can add so much life to any morbid wall or corner of your house.  Genetic art is so unconventional. It is the most unique item in your photo gallery. It is you, but not exactly you. It can be stated as a whimsical way to commemorate yourself or your loved ones.

DNA Art portraits might also be available for your pets very soon. Some brands are still working on this aspect and preparing to launch it in the market.