Differences Between Online Casino Japan and Online Casino US

Online casinos are becoming quite popular nowadays, especially during and after the pandemic, where people have become more accustomed to staying indoors rather than going outside to visit casinos and other establishments. These online casinos offer players an opportunity to play their favorite casino games in the comfort of their home through their laptops, desktop computers, or even their smartphones. So, if you want to play legitimate casino games, all you need to do is to log in to your casino account and start playing games without the need to travel to a land-based casino.

Because of the convenience that online casinos offer, the online gambling industry is quickly gaining thousands of players each day in different countries around the world, including the United States and Japan. Because it is popular in various countries, online casinos would tend to cater to different players with different preferences or tastes. So, online casinos in the US may be different from the online casinos found in Malaysia, Indonesia, or Japan. For this casino article, we will be focusing on the differences between online casinos in the US and online casinos in Japan. The differences can actually be subtle at first glance, but you need to be knowledgeable about these differences so that you know what to expect.

Games Library

In terms of the games they provide, both the online casino in Japan and the US would usually have the same library of games, so you will find blackjack, poker, and other card games on the websites. However, the major difference in the games they offer is found in their slot machines or slot-style games, as online casino Japan favor pachinko machines while the US would have the traditional slots.

Because the pachinko industry is big in Japan, it makes sense that Japanese online casinos would have plenty of digital pachinko machines. On the other hand, online casino US typically follows a traditional casino format, so you would see on their websites games that you would commonly find in most casinos. Their difference in offered games is fairly minimal since they offer almost the exact same games, but you will just see more pachinko games in Japanese casinos.

Furthermore, gambling in Japan has deep connections with anime, and in Japanese online casinos, you can find many anime-themed slots. According to the editor at onlinecasinojapan.com, Hideki Nakata, due to the long history of anime collaborations with Japanese pachinko, many Japanese people tend to associate slots with anime.


The most obvious difference between Japanese online casinos and US online casinos is the language, as the casinos in Japan would commonly be in Japanese while US casinos are in English. If you are going to try out some games in Japanese online casinos, you may find it hard to navigate through the website if you don’t know how to read Japanese. However, once you get into the game, you wouldn’t have any trouble playing it since the most common casino games don’t rely on languages for you to play them properly. For example, card games like poker and blackjack still have the same set of rules and numbers in Japan, so they would still play the same, although you are playing them on a Japanese website.

If you don’t like the hassle of learning a new language or navigating blindly on a website, then you should stick to playing in US online casinos. There is not much difference to justify the need to play in Japanese online casinos, but if you want to play online pachinko machines, that may be a good reason to visit them. Play in online casinos in Japan if you know the Japanese language or if you just want to play pachinko or other games not offered in online casino US.


roulette table

Whenever you search for online casinos on the internet, the first websites that will pop up on the search results are US-based. So, it is safe to say that web casinos in the US are much more available than Japanese online casinos. But, if you are more specific in your searches, like typing “online casino Japan,” then you will find that Japanese casinos are still pretty much available on the web. Finding these online casinos is just a matter of being more specific in searching for them.

The number of US online casinos is bigger than the number of Japanese online casinos, which is the reason why the online casino in US is much more prominent on the internet than their Japanese counterparts. Nonetheless, Japanese online casinos are slowly becoming more popular in recent years, so it will be no surprise that they may eventually gain millions of players in the future.

As previously mentioned, these differences between Japanese and US online casinos are quite subtle, but they still offer games that are not found in the other, which is a big deal for some players that want to experience playing unique games. So, if you want to play games that are exclusively found in Japanese online casinos, you have the chance to do it on the internet, but remember that you sometimes need to make sure to change the currency of your digital wallet from US dollars to Japanese yen.