Differences between White Label and Turnkey Gaming Projects


Entrepreneurs working in the modern entertainment industry prefer quick and easy methods to start their businesses. The most requested variants are White Label casino integration and the opening of a turnkey online portal.

Let us consider what are the main differences and common features of these demanded approaches to starting internet gaming projects. In fact, The Pro Config will help you to set up a game on a new computer quickly. Config lets you keep your changes which can be altered in any way, so you can feel comfortable playing the game.

Obtaining a Permission Document

The franchise agreement between a new brand and a parent company involves the operation of a novice online business under the sublicensing scheme.

The operator can provide services in the desired market using a ready-made permit issued to the mother firm. In this case, the entrepreneur does not need to spend time preparing the required package of documents and waiting for the decision of a regulatory authority.

In the case of creating a turnkey gambling site, an operator must obtain a new licence. However, this process is greatly simplified thanks to the qualified support of a vendor involved in the launch of a new start-up.

The supplier company provides the following services to entrepreneurs within the creation of turnkey casinos:

  • assistance in the collection of documents;
  • contacting representatives of gambling commissions;
  • help with making required payments, etc.

Unique Business Image

When launching a turnkey casino, an operator can implement any ideas by creating an original website design or developing custom online games.

When speaking of White Label projects, the owners also have several ways to make their brands recognisable. Nevertheless, the main essence of this business launch scheme lies in the use of a parent company’s software.

Entrepreneurs cannot develop new products from scratch. However, they can make games more vivid and memorable by adding branding elements. The same applies to the design of online portals. The placement of original logos and other graphic components is the legal right of operators working with mother companies.

The Range of Gaming Products

When operating in the White Label format, a businessman receives a wide assortment of available gambling solutions. As a rule, these are hundreds of titles of different genres and subjects. Such a vast number of products will allow the entrepreneur to form a worthy catalogue of games.

Respected suppliers cooperate with such eminent manufacturers:

  • Amatic;
  • Habanero;
  • NetEnt;
  • Playtech, and others.

In the case of turnkey casino development, an operator can expand the range significantly by adding the desired content independently. It is not necessary to pre-negotiate this step with a supplier.

The provider company will help the entrepreneur to integrate new gaming products as quickly as possible and configure them correctly for effective interaction with the audience.

The Assortment of Payment Services

White Label casino owners are provided with a fairly wide, but at the same time, limited list of available money transfer tools. Such an assortment can meet the needs of players from different regions to the full.

It usually includes:

  • bank cards;
  • electronic systems;
  • cryptocurrency instruments, and others.

As in the case of content, turnkey casino operators can constantly replenish the collection of payment methods independently.

Protection Instruments

In both cases, entrepreneurs receive extensive packages of high-quality security tools. They are necessary for the full-value operation of online resources and their protection from many external threats:

  • DDoS attacks;
  • money laundering;
  • multiple accounts;
  • access to sites by minors, etc.

Suppliers offer their customers the most relevant security software. It updates automatically. Both in the case of launching a White Label casino, and when opening a turnkey online portal, vendors take care of the quality and effectiveness of protection tools.

If it is needed to change the approach to defending a site, a partner of a parent brand will have to discuss this point with the suppliers additionally. Meanwhile, turnkey portal owners can integrate any security software at their discretion.

Business Promotion Methods

Both project launch formats involve extra fees for marketing services. A supplier should be well-versed in the specifics of a particular market to attract potential customers as efficiently as possible.

The most relevant methods of promoting White Label and turnkey casinos nowadays are as follows:

  1. Cooperation with affiliates. This approach is beneficial for operators thanks to the payment for results. It lets businessmen reduce marketing costs substantially.
  2. The promotion in social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and other popular online resources are ideal platforms for advertising various services. To achieve the desired goal, it is essential to determine the criteria for the target audience correctly.
  3. E-mails with current offers. This old method is still in high demand among entrepreneurs. The possibility to receive up-to-date information promptly attracts many prospective customers.

Project Scaling

Many suppliers are aimed at international activities. This applies to White Label and turkey schemes. 

To enter a new region as easy and fast as possible, vendors offer such solutions:

  1. Offshore licensing. White Label projects can approach any market rapidly due to the presence of international permits. Owners of turnkey sites can also obtain such licences in a short term.
  2. Cross-platform software. The opportunity to automatically adapt content to different devices is the key to the success of any internet project.
  3. Several language versions. It should be borne in mind that not all gamblers speak English. Therefore, the availability of Spanish, Portuguese, German, and other language interfaces is an important condition for lucrative work.

The Main Things about the Differences between Turnkey and White Label Businesses

The considered project launch formats are popular among operators due to an easy and smooth entry into any market.

The main difference here is the format of cooperation with suppliers. In the case of a White Label partnership, a new brand uses the products of a parent firm under its logo. Turnkey casino owners can develop their unique products and buy content from any provider.

Despite some differences, both methods have lots of advantages:

  • easy business scaling;
  • extensive software catalogue;
  • optimal protection tools, and others.

To learn more about this theme and order the development of your project, contact the Online Casino Market studio’s team.

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