Different Beauty Treatments You Might Like To Try

Everyone should feel good about themselves as often as they can. For some people, this might mean that they simply try to eat as well as they are able. Others might need to talk to professionals to boost self-confidence. Very few people have an accurate self-body image in their heads – it is hard to see ourselves the way others see us. We all want to project a certain style or appearance to others to make ourselves ‘look’ or feel better in our lives.

There are many reasons you might like to give yourself a beauty treatment. You might like to focus on a part of your body that often gets neglected; you might want to spend less time maintaining a certain appearance, or you may simply find certain treatments relaxing and use them to unwind every now and then.

With this in mind, here is a list of some beauty treatments that you might be tempted to try, whether that’s simply to give yourself a well-earned treat, to boost your self-confidence, or as a way of looking after your health.


You have probably come across facials before – they’re offered at many beauty salons and are a quick (depending on the type you choose) way to give your skincare boost while enforcing a period of relaxation. However, you may not have come across a HydraFacial. A HydraFacial uses cleansing, exfoliation, suction and deep hydration to treat the skin. There is more research being done, but it is thought to be beneficial for fine lines and acne scars and the results last longer than a standard facial. It would be best if you had a consultation with the person performing the HydraFacial first so that they can understand your skin and which products will produce the best results for you. Thanks to its growing popularity, you can get this treatment from professionals worldwide. However, the types of HydraFacial Chicago has on offer are done at high-quality medical spas with trusted professionals, so you might want to treat yourself if you’re in the area.

Eyebrow Tint

No one will be a stranger to the concept of hair dye – whether you’ve changed your hair color consistently in your life or not at all. However, fewer people know about tinting your eyebrows. The concept is the same, putting a dye on your eyebrows to change the color. Mostly this is done to conform to current beauty standards – so a darker, natural color is the current trend. If you spend a lot of effort on your eyebrows every morning, this treatment can save you a lot of time. You’ll get the style and color brows that you want without effort for a month. The dye used will also stain the skin at your brows, meaning that your eyebrows will appear fuller for a few weeks as well until it fades. The dye on the brow lashes themselves will grow out over a longer time. As with dyeing your hair, you can do this yourself at home, but it also comes with the same problems of mess, getting the color wrong and staining your skin badly. It’s better to go with a professional, at least until you feel confident in what you’re doing and have a better idea of the color that works for you.


Dermaplaning can be done anywhere on the body, but it’s most commonly done on the face. This is a treatment where a sharp blade is moved gently over the skin to remove the topmost surface of the skin and the fine, downy hair known as vellus hair. A professional should definitely carry out this; there are at-home kits around, but the risk of slipping and scarring yourself isn’t worth the money saved. Because it removes the top layer of skin, it’s a useful treatment for reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles and can make your skin look healthier. You shouldn’t have this if there are any active problems on your skin, though, such as an acne breakout or eczema, as it can move bacteria from one area to another and worsen the condition. Many people like the smooth appearance they get with dermaplaning and that it lets makeup sit better on your skin. It is essentially a gentle but thorough form of exfoliation and is often done as part of a larger facial treatment.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

These are semi-permanent micro tattoos which you can get in multiple areas to achieve the look you want. For example, you can mimic eyebrow lashes to fill in areas and place a tiny bit of pigment in your eyelash line to give the impression of a fuller flutter. You can add color to your lips and around the lip border to create the perfect pout without injections. There is even a procedure for putting ‘hair follicles’ on a shaved head to reduce the appearance of balding called scalp micropigmentation. The benefit of this semi-permanent makeup is to get the appearance you want to have daily, without the need to constantly put on makeup (and redo it when it goes wrong). Unlike regular tattoos, the pigment used is designed to avoid discoloration with age, and they do wear away after a year or two due to the depth the pigment is placed at – so you can change your look year after year as fashion demands.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is again something you’ve likely already come across but may not have undergone. It’s popular with many people as it can be focused on whatever region of the body you fancy. However, the eye area is generally avoided due to the possibility of injury. You will need multiple treatments of the best laser hair removal in Tampa, though the number depends on your hair growth and skin type, and the length of treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated. Repeated treatments are necessary as the individual hairs will be at different stages of the growth cycle and it works best at the new growth phase. What catches a lot of people by surprise is that the hair doesn’t fall out instantly – it can take days or weeks. It doesn’t normally result in complete hair loss, but the hair takes much longer to grow back and is usually finer and lighter.

Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is a little different from a standard pedicure. You will get oils, creams, buffing, filing and painting as you would with a normal pedicure, but you will also have a podiatry session. This is where the real benefit comes in with this beauty treatment. Our feet often get neglected. Foot pain is just something to put up with in our busy world. Instead, take the time to talk about your foot health and get some proper advice and treatment as well as a beautifying pedicure. A medical pedicure should be able to help prevent ingrowing toenails and give professional advice if you suffer from cracked or splitting nails. They might be able to reduce pressure build-up from calluses on your soles by cutting them away and help you to discover the root of your problems. It’s simply a good opportunity to ask any questions and receive advice on how to look after your feet – something which doesn’t come along often (if ever) in normal life.


Massage can be used as a treatment for a few types of problems that you might be having. Often people get an Aromatherapy or Swedish massage as a way to reduce stress. These massages focus on relaxing muscles across the body, so any tension you subconsciously hold is relaxed, helping you to release stress. The particular type of massage that relaxes you will depend on how you relax. However, there are other types of massage which might be of use to you.

Deep tissue massage focuses on improving pain and posture. It can also improve circulation, which, in turn, helps with inflammation in muscles, again reducing pain and encouraging healing. Similar to this is sports massage. This helps to promote tissue repair and muscle recovery. It’s particularly good for athletes, where a repetitive action is the cause of the problem. Lymphatic massage is a technique which focuses on circulating the lymph fluid in your body. This can help to reduce pain and swelling, which are caused by a build-up of fluid in certain areas. A physician might recommend this as part of a larger treatment.

There are many reasons people choose to have beauty treatments. If they make you feel better about yourself, either as an improvement to your health or to your appearance and self-confidence, then you should save the money and get them when you can. Costs for everyone are getting tighter, but it is still important to look after yourself. Perhaps you can save some money by investing in longer-term treatments; perhaps you can take some time to destress by taking the time for yourself. Whatever your reasons for wanting to have a beauty treatment done, hopefully, this list will have highlighted some options for you. Just ensure you take the time to do some research and decide which would be of most benefit to you first!