You all know how a toilet looks like. Basically a tank and a bowl that sits in the washroom. But there is more to these two parts that you should know to get the perfect toilet for your home.

There are different types of toilet and to each one a myriad of features that is far beyond the quality and durability that you are looking for. These features can either make or break your budget so check out the best toilets before you decide.

1. One-Piece Toilets

Literally a toilet that is just one piece because the tank and the bowl are connected. There are no segments here or some installation difficulty because you just have to mount it on the floor. 

This type of toilet is usually a bit pricey however it already comes with a seat and cover so it is worth the cost.

2. Two-Piece Toilets

The name explains itself well. This is a toilet that has 2 major parts that are only connected during installation — the tank and the bowl. Unlike the one-piece toilet, it does not come with a toilet seat and cover but still it is the most sought after toilet because it is not as expensive as the others.

One great advantage of the two-piece toilet is its durability. And since it is not attached together, you can buy a replacement for the bowl or for the tank if one of them gets damaged. Repair is also easier. 

3. Small Compact Toilets

These toilets are space savers. They are scaled down to fit any small area. This type of toilet is perfect for tiny houses, motorhomes, RVs or boats. There are wall-mounted versions and toilets with no tank so it is a great deal of compatibility for the horizontally-challenged spaces.

4. Corner Toilets

Corner toilets are shaped to perfectly fit any corner and save space. Usually the tank is triangular in shape so that it goes directly into a corner. Not a lot of people buy this type of toilet though.

Although it is very uncommon, there are washrooms that are too small that it needs to utilize the corner. It can rearrange the washroom deliberately, so think about how you can design the interior well. 

5. Elongated Toilets

This time we will tackle about shapes of toilets, specifically the shape of the bowl. One type of toilet bowl is elongated or oblong shape.

This one is a best seller because of its larger bowl surface area which is able to catch all the mess. It is also more comfortable for big people. Apparently, the elongated bowl suits people of different age and size.

6. Round Toilets

The other common shape of toilets is the round toilet. It has a shorter and rounder bowl that is really good for tight spaces. It might not be as comfortable for other people as its elongated counterpart, but the round toilet is also popular.

7. Square Toilets

This toilet shape is rare and is only patronized by those who want a peculiar look in their washroom. Its unique design, a square bowl and square tank, makes a squarish style that is classy and weird both at the same time. 

For some who chose a zen or oriental look, this one is a great aesthetic add-on to complete the theme of your interior. You might want to blend it with some wood decor and a bamboo plant on the side too!

8. Portable Toilets

For functionality, especially when you are always mobile or travelling, the portable toilet is a loyal companion. A lot of people living in motorhomes and who are avid campers buy a portable toilet for their convenience. Elk Creek Trailers is one of the leading restroom trailer manufacturers in all of The United States.

There are different types of portable toilets. There are chemical toilets, water-flushing toilets, waterless toilets, bucket toilets and commodes. The best thing about them is that they can fit into any space and they are mostly lightweight.

9. Smart Toilets

In this era, we have smart tv and smart phones. Well, we also have smart toilets that almost have every feature to cater to the user and help defecating easier. 

Smart toilets somehow resembles the principles of robotics. You can flush it without lifting a finger, you can use a remote control or spray your butt with an electronic bidet at a touch of a button. 

They also have added features like heated seats, music player and even an automatic air freshener that zits when you are done. Very techy indeed. No wonder why they are also very expensive.

10. Child-sized Toilets

This type of toilet is of course for the kids. They are shorter, lightweight and easy to clean. Some may come with a water tank for flushing and some are waterless and needs dumping and cleaning. 

Child-size toilets are used for potty training and some are installed in preschools, daycare centers and children’s parks for the benefit of the kids.

11.  Comfort Height Toilet

Many people don’t care about the height of a toilet. But its a major factor when considering how convenient it will be to use for the long term.

Without a proper height, users may experience pain around their joints and back whenever they use the toilet.

Compared to the standard 15-inch toilet, the “comfort height” or “appropriate height” toilets feature bowls that are 17 to 20 inches high.

Comfort height toilet offers comfort for all users, especially who suffer from mobility problems. Apart from the apparent benefits, it provides disabled, elderly, and disabled people. Check out the selective option for reliable comfort height toilets at Twimbow.com.

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