Digital Photography 101: Knowing the Basics


In Canada, there are over 24 educational institutions that offer courses and programs in Photography. Some of these focus on digital Photography. Further, there is support for organizations dedicated to developing the craft. The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) organizes initiatives that promote Photography at the national and international levels.

Digital Photography has changed the way we capture moments, record history, and tell a story. The continuous advancements in technology open possibilities for Photography in maximizing its potentials as an art and medium.

Digital Photography is the process of capturing and manipulating images through digital technology. Most photographs nowadays, whether online or on metal prints Canada, are products of digital Photography. Photographers use a digital camera with unique features that enhance the image quality like Fujifilm compared to Sony even if it’s not yet on post-production or metal prints Canada.

Digital Photography Quick Tips

Digital Photography requires technical knowledge and skill; thus, it can be intimidating at first. However, aspiring digital photographers have many learning opportunities to excel in this craft. Here are some additional tips for beginners:

Shoot Not to Edit 

Do not depend on post-production. Maximize the built-in capacities of the digital camera in capturing an image the best way possible. Photography is a craft that intersects art with skill; thus, using computers defeats this purpose. Further, an image’s story is reliant on the photographer’s perspective.

Rule of Thirds is the Rule

Always use the rule of thirds. It helps the photographer determine the focal point of the image, which helps in the overall aesthetic of the photograph.

Focus on the Triangle

Maximize the use of the exposure triangle consisting of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Manually balancing the combination among the three, guarantees a good quality image.

Simple is Better

Always use a simple background for all your subjects. This is particularly effective in shooting portraits. A simple background draws attention to the focal point of the image, which is your chosen subject.

Choose the Right Lens

Depending on what purpose, a photographer should always consider the kind of Photography that he/she wants to do when choosing a camera lens. Landscape photography requires the use of a wide-angle lens that captures the entirety of the scene.

Sports photography demands for a telephoto lens, a type of lens that allows photographers to capture images even from a long distance. Portrait photography needs a prime lens that captures details and puts the whole focus on the subject.

The Digital in Digital Photography 

There are various kinds of digital cameras. From pocket cameras to advanced digital SLRs, all of which feature specs that focus on specific functions.

The point-and-shoot digital camera consists of lenses and sensors that have automatic functions that make it easier to use. You have to point the camera at a subject and click on the button.

However, the downside of using this camera is that it has limited capacities in manipulating the settings and enhancing the image quality. It is also called a pocket camera because it is lighter and smaller, making it handier.

On the other hand, digital SLR, or Single-lens reflex camera allows its users to control all settings extensively. Further, SLRs have the most enhanced camera parts with distinct use for every photography purpose. As opposed to film cameras, SLRs have digital sensors, processing technology, noise control system, and light receptors that give the best image quality possible.

Digital Photography is still Photography in its essence. Hence, delivering its purpose as an art and medium is still what matters. Techniques exist as a guideline when maximizing its potentials.

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