Directions to Grow the Skills of Resiliency That Can Help You in Bad Times


Resiliency is the ability to exceed life challenges, such as adversity, trauma, tragedy, crises, etc. and bounce back from it through your strength, wisdom, and power. These difficulties are inevitable in our life. You have to face them in your life. But the choices you make against those problems show how resilient you are. These attributes can’t be achieved at birth. They grow inside your brain and mind with your experiences, behavior, thoughts, and actions you take.

What are the skills of resilience?

Different practical tools or strategies have been discovered to maximize resiliency in life. You can improve your resiliency by and here I am mentioning some of those strategies that you can exploit when facing hard times.

  1. Keep believing in your ability: If you go through a hard time, like the situation we faced during COVID-19, feeling overwhelmed and helpless, then these concerns should be validated with importance. In that alone time, keep saying that everything will be ok. It would help if you didn’t ignore your feelings and emotions. Usually, we try to make our difficult emotions go away. But we can feel better after gently and kindly experiencing our pain in that moment.After acknowledging your feelings, move forward and create that experience as a personal strength. Always remind yourself that you have inside what you need to go through this situation. Keep the focus on cultivating some qualities inside you. Qualities like adaptability, intelligence, sense of humor, courage, gratitude, resourcefulness, etc. can take you so far in life and help you get through your hard time.
  2. Stay in touch with the source of support: Humans are a social animal. Keep a connection with friends, family, and others who support you. Double the relationship with them in your hard times. Friends can change your mood, just by telling a funny joke after a hard day. Try to solve all the disagreements and politics among family members and focus on a common goal. Try to build a relationship that can unite you with the people you live with rather than divide you. But if you don’t have those types of people right around you, don’t panic.In this time of technology, connecting with people isn’t a hard thing. You can contact them using social media, phone calls, video calls, technology. Religious places like churches, mosques, temples can make your mind peaceful. You can also go to meditation centers or attend their live programs. It’s essential to reach out to one another and ask for help if needed.
  3. Talking about problems: If you don’t speak often, it won’t help you in the long run. You need to work on what you are going through. If it isn’t possible to talk to anyone nearer you, send a message to the loved ones, even if they’re far away. But if you have someone nearby, sit together for some time and split the time into two halves. In one half, be the speaker and tell what comes in mind, about problems, feelings, thinking, etc. When you are the listener, your role is to listen, not give any advice or comment. Just make others comfortable about sharing their problem.
  4. Helping others: Always stay alert to help other people in their hard times. It can reduce their pain and heal your feeling of helplessness. It enhances our sense. But it is crucial to notice that you aren’t helping others by destroying yourself. Keep the good work by not falling into any trap. Always keep your eye on the ways you are helping others. There is so much suffering in the world that sometimes you might feel that whatever you are doing isn’t enough. Keep a list of your excellent work, which has benefitted others. This list can make you effective and accomplish your work.
  5. Positive emotions: Positive emotion works as an antidote inside us against this cruel world. Find things yourself that make you laugh, follow, and watch the sources which amuse you. Find some experience and humor from the last incidents.To boost your spirit, you can watch a show or stand-up comedy and read more literature, art, etc. Always keep in mind that there are countless potential ways to think and cultivate positive emotions. You can read more here.You can think about gratitude, appreciation, love, intimacy, nature. Think about activities that give you pleasant feelings.
  6. The attitude of survivorship: Any affirming massage can help you to get through the hardship. The more you make yourself a helpless person, the more you will feel like a victim. So focus on becoming a survivor. It will activate your inner strength. You can contact other survivors who have already come back from the wrong time. Their problems may not match yours, but you can take advice and courage from them, or maybe you can find your solution to them. Think about creating a related approach to your current challenges for yourself. It is vital to accept the reality of hardship. Circumstances may go beyond your control, but you have to come out from that with your wisdom, sense of humor and mental health.
  7. Finding the meaning: Find a sense of purpose in the hardship too. Start with your existing beliefs and knowledge. Start believing in something, as you can learn something from everything. Once you are connected with the judge, you can find yourself in the current circumstances. Keep reading to find something meaningful that can inspire you. There are websites and blogs where you can read your favorite poem or spiritual text.

To go through a tough time takes resiliency. It requires paying attention to those complexities of their own experiences. Learn to listen to your emotions and disappointments or failures to succeed in life and stay motivated for life’s goal.

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