Disney Characters You Have Forgotten, Never Heard of Or Didn’t Make It to the Big Screen


Disney movies have played a huge part in our lives especially in our childhood. We feel a sense of nostalgia connected to the characters from our favorite films.

Disney princes and princesses have been memorable to us. But there are other Disney characters that were unable to receive lots of recognition or never had the chance to appear in the film. They were either forgotten, never heard or didn’t make it into the actual movie. Here are some of them:

Esmeralda of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda is a Romani woman that lives in the hidden catacombs known as the “Court of Miracles” in Paris, France. She works as an entertainment performer. She is a street dancer and performs on events like the “Festival of Fools.” She is usually accompanied by her goat named, Djali. Djali is her confidante and assistant in her performances.

Esmeralda was part of the Disney Princess franchise when it was formed. She is introduced along with Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan. She remained in the Disney Princess franchise and appeared in many products and some Disney events until 2004. However, in the year 2005, she has not been seen along with other princesses in any Disney product or any event related to the franchise.

Megara of Hercules

Megara, much known as Meg, is the heartless assistant of Hades. She sold her soul to Hades in order to save her boyfriend’s life. But shortly after her boyfriend comes back to life, he left Meg for another woman. He abandoned her for some other woman leaving Meg heartbroken and a prisoner of Hades. This incident led Meg having trouble to trust and to love again. Her experience made her feel bitter towards men.

At the end, Meg has absolutely fallen for Hercules. When she realizes her feelings for him, she tries to deny it to herself. Megara is living a joyous life with Hercules as his beloved wife but she is still an unofficial Disney princess.

Jane Porter of Tarzan

Jane is a young woman that lives in Britain with her father, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter. They both travel to Africa together with their guide to study the gorillas.

When they have reached Africa, Jane saw a gorilla’s nest and soon they found more nests. Jane and her father believed that the animals live in a group of family. As they continue their study, Jane sees a baby baboon and started to draw it in her sketchbook. The baby baboon noticed her and steals the sketchbook from her. She chased the baboon in attempting to retrieve it. As she followed the baboon, she is unaware that Tarzan is following her silently. As the movie progressed, Jane and Tarzan’s relationship had developed.

Jane Porter was announced as the newest princess for the Disney Princess franchise by the official magazine from the United Kingdom on November 1999. She made another appearance in the same magazine on February 2000. After the appearances on the magazine, she was never talked about in the franchise and was no longer with the other princesses.

Princess Kida of Atlantis

Kidagakash Nedakh or Kida is a princess of Atlantis that is also a warrior with great fighting skills. She is the daughter of King of Atlantis, Kashekim Nedakh. Although she is princess by birth, she is not included in Disney princess franchise.

Deafy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Deafy was among the numbers of unused and rejected dwarfs on Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He has a difficulty in hearing and usually misheard what the other characters are saying to him.

Sunflower of Fantasia

Sunflower appeared in an animated segment “The Pastoral Symphony” in concert film Fantasia while it was in theaters in 1940 but her character was removed since the movie release in 1969 due to perpetuating racist stereotype.

Louis the Bear of The Rescuers

Louis is a bear who likes to read and a skilled violinist and unicycle rider. Louis is a deleted character in Disney film, “The Rescuers” when the person who was supposed to provide the character’s voice suffered from a massive heart attack and died.

Redfeather of Pocahontas

Redfeather is a talking turkey that is set to appear in the movie but was cut since the voice actor that is intended for him died.

Mheetu of The Lion King

Mheetu was set to appear as Nala’s brother and Sarafina’s son in “The Lion King” when it is initially titled as “King of the Jungle.” Mheetu has no purpose in the story so his character was scrapped.

Disney has introduced a number of characters that were loved by a lot of people, but there were also some who were not successful enough to make it to the big screen and become famous. Though these characters were forgotten, or have been removed from the films, it’s still interesting to know the stories behind them.

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