DIY Ideas to Customize Your Living Room

We bet that one area of your house that you use all the time is your living room. This is a place where you can hang out with your friends, watch the latest Netflix series, or play board games with your family. These are more than enough reasons to spend a little more time in turning your living room into an amazing space. Some people achieve this by purchasing new decor or furniture. But, don’t worry, if you are on a budget, we will teach you how to customize your living room with DIY ideas.

Sometimes when homeowners think about DIY projects, they believe the result won’t look good. However, we are here to prove everyone wrong. Below you will find a list of unique ideas to create your living room. Even though we will describe projects for every corner of your living room, you are free to choose only the ones you need. Also, remember that the design of this space should showcase your personality. That’s why before trying any DIY idea, you should think about what you would like.

DIY projects for your living room

Since there are several elements that you need to have in your living room, we will divide these DIY ideas into different sections. However, before we get started, you need to think about which style you want to display. For instance, some people like having an outdoor vibe. If that is your case, you can get some inspiration by checking out stunning patio furniture on this page.

Once you choose the design you like, it will be easier to pick the projects that help you achieve it.

1. Coffee Table

You need to think about your coffee table as one of the main furniture pieces in your living room. This item will be placed in the middle, which attracts more attention to it. That’s why to customize your living room, you need to start with the coffee table.

  • Make a hairpin coffee table to achieve a minimalistic style in your living room. The only thing you need is a piece of wood, either a circle or rectangle form will work depending on what you like. Remember that the colour of the wood is also important. If you like a moody vibe get a dark tone, but to bring more life to the room a light colour is perfect.

Once you have the wood, you need to get some metal legs in a “v” form, resembling a hairpin. Then, you only need to attach the legs to the wood surface, and that’s it.

  • You can also build an affordable coffee table with some wood boards. Here is where you can get creative. The first option is to attach the wood boards side to side, to create a standard coffee table. But, in case you want to take an extra step, you could stack the wood boards, creating two levels. You don’t have to stack them perfectly one over the other, you can play a little with the structure.
  • If you have a white IKEA tabletop, you can use it to create a coffee table that enhances your Mid Century style. The only thing you would need is new legs. You can purchase some metal legs in a warehouse sale. Keep in mind that the legs should have a bright colour, such as gold. To achieve this, you can simply spray-paint them when you got them. Finally, just attach the legs to the tabletop.

2. Sofas and chairs

If you are wondering, “which items are key to create my living room?”. The answer is sofas and chairs. These larges pieces of furniture can change and enhance the whole vibe of this area of your home. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing what you want to do with them. Here are some ideas you can use.

  • In case you have an old sofa or chairs that are looking outdated you can give them a completely new look. The only thing you need to do is either purchase a fabric you like, or a leather cover to reupholster them. Today, there are several ways to reupholster your furniture for a few bucks.
  • Some homeowners like to display their personality, even in the furniture and a great way to accomplish this is fabric paint. You can purchase some fabric paint or dyes to customize your living room. You can either make a unique design for each piece of furniture or use it to highlight a special item.
  • To maximize the space in your living room, you can create unusual storage spaces. For instance, you can install a drawer under your sofa to keep your magazines or remote controls. Another idea, is installing larger drawers underneath your sofa but, keep in mind, you need enough space to do it.
  • To add an extra decor element to create your living room, you can make a sofa table. First, you will need several pieces of wood, that you will cut to make four empty frames. The ones for the sides should be shorter. Once you have all the frames, attach them, and over one of the large ones put a wood board. Finally, paint the wood the colour you like.

3. Wall decor

A crucial element to keep in mind to create your living room is wall decor. Every item that you display can enhance your design and help you construct the environment you envisioned. If you want something that’s refreshing to the eyes, adding a water wall or hanging plants would be perfect for that.

  • Many people like adding wallpaper to their living room. However, you can achieve the same look with paint. For instance, let’s say you want a grey buffalo check wall. The only thing you need to do is buy some paint, take measurements and start painting. For this DIY project, feel free to envision any design you want.
  • If you are wondering, how can I create my living room with items I have at home? This DIY project is perfect for you. Take some wood boards and attach them horizontally. It’s up to you how long you want the sign to be. Once all of them are attached, you can paint a phrase or a picture.
  • Create wall art with straw plates. Some straw plates already come with a design, while others have a plain colour. For the latter ones, you can use some paint to create a unique design.
  • One thing that you shouldn’t forget when you create your living room is pictures. To make this gallery different from everything else you have seen, you can play with the frames. That’s right, pick some photos to print big, others medium and small. Then arrange all of them to build a unique pattern.