DJ Jesse Neo Launches Gemtracks Startup for Musicians to Have Their Own Businesses


Since 2017, the now 23-year-old Jesse Neo has been making electronic music. His tracks have been played in nightclubs and on the radio throughout Australia, the United States and Europe – and reviewed in several top magazines such as The Huffington Post and RESPECT. Eventually, he worked as a composer fulltime and relocated to California.

“I want people to know that besides being a creative person, I am also very technical,” Jesse started. “I’m always looking for new original ways to do existing things that would save time and produce better results. While being in the music industry for several years, I realized a lot of things in this business could change.”

Sharing some issues with us, Jesse noted that one example of where the music industry lacked innovation was when it came to planning and organizing tasks. For example, musicians these days still attend endless meetings to discuss what a song should sound like, the terms of a contract and even how the final audio files should be delivered.

At the start of the year, Jesse launched his music marketplace and collaboration platform, Gemtracks, to allow producers to sell beats and singers to buy them. The website also handles all the copyright and ownership transfers. For example, once a beat is sold, it will be automatically deleted from the website so that the buyer becomes the new and only owner. All in all, the platform aims to automate all the redundant tasks and allow artists to concentrate on their creative works.

Some of his music business colleagues were astonished at the platform, revealed Jesse. So, he decided to improve the website by giving it new features for customers to book recording studios, hire freelance musicians and even attend short courses.

“I realized one issue with music is that it is hard to earn a fixed income,” Jesse said. “It all depends on so many variables like what is going on with the world at the time, what is considered popular, and also how far physically musicians are able to travel. But with Gemtracks, I hope to allow producers to earn steady income if they decide to sell their beats on there.”

As of now, some known producers that have been selling beats on the website include Milana Leybovich, IYFFE, Beowülf, and Taylor Carroll. Some of these producers have been involved in major corporations such as Disney, Sony, Warner, and Universal. Based on current trends, rap beats are the most popular.

“I would also like to take this time to invite those that have been thinking of being part of the music industry to also sign up to Gemtracks,” the Australian continued. “I know working in entertainment can be seen as a risk, and I want to change that. There are plenty of resources on the website to help those starting out, including interviews with professionals, tutorials and eBooks.”

From this conversation with Jesse, we can see, Gemtracks sounds like a glorious initiative to support musicians. So if you want to buy beats, make sure you head to Gemtracks now.

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