Do CCTV Cameras Work Without Electricity?


Thinking about your security, you might have asked yourself “Do CCTV cameras work without electricity?” CCTVs are an essential component of a security system. It enables you to watch your property using both live and recorded video. But the main question is, does it work all the time? Before buying, consider reading through this article as we, from MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia are the cctv contractor Malaysia, discuss the solutions to this specific issue. Trail Camera Melbourne are the specialists in Remote Camera Traps, Time Lapse Cameras, 4G Covert Cameras and Wireless Farm Solutions.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is a closed system that enables the transfer of pictures from video cameras to monitors. It consists of video cameras, display devices, and wired or wireless data networks.

Why Would You Set Up a CCTV Camera System?

Installing CCTV camera systems will deter criminals since they could be caught on video. This will increase the protection of your family and your important possessions. It will make your home less vulnerable to break-ins than those houses without a CCTV system.

What is The Power Source of the CCTV?

Wires run into walls and connect to power during CCTV system installation. The wires are tapped into an already-existing electrical cable in the wall to do this. From the camera, network wires are linked to the network device. These networks must also have electricity to function.

Do CCTV Cameras Work Without Electricity?


It is clear why plug-in CCTV won’t function without electricity. When the power goes off, security cameras stop recording and sensing motion. They need both electricity to function and a network to send data to.

There are now more power supply alternatives for CCTV cameras. If electricity is not an option or goes out, you can also use solar- and battery-powered CCTV systems. Yet, electricity is still the most popular power source.

CCTV connects to a UPS backup system and a generator in institutions like hospitals. This makes continuous coverage more likely. Additionally, it enables you to have backup power in case your generator doesn’t start. Other properties may also have this kind of system in place.

Security Camera Options That Operate Without Power

Security Camera Options That Operate Without Power

Use Cameras with Batteries

The battery-powered CCTV cameras function without electricity, as I have already mentioned. When the power goes off, they can still operate on battery power. They will continue to detect and record motion events. Also, it saves footage of intruders regardless of power outages or network issues.

Besides, some battery-operated cameras combine solar panels for continuous power. Thus, you don’t have to worry that the camera battery may run out in an emergency situation like a power outage.

Make Your Own Solar-Powered Security Cameras

To be safe when the power goes out, you can also make your own solar-powered security camera. But you need to be ready for some challenging tasks ahead. Prepare yourself for untoward weather conditions where direct sunlight is not available. One good thing about solar-powered security cameras is that they have energy storage, like batteries.

Most objects, including trees, can be easily mounted with these CCTV systems. It is advisable that you have enough access to natural sunlight for these systems. But in this case, if electricity is not an option, you won’t need to worry. You will still have the ability to record and receive live-stream footage of your system.

Use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Battery Backup

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a surge protector that uses a built-in battery. It is a backup to power your security system in case of an outage. The devices need to be connected to the UPS. For most, it is a cost-effective option to handle power loss when using a freestanding security camera.

Put a Backup Generator to Use

You will need a standby generator for prolonged power outages. It will begin using gasoline to generate electricity as soon as the power is out. Do keep in mind that the backup generator for the security camera system will need some time to start up. You might still need backup battery power to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.

Do CCTV Systems Perform Without an Internet Connection?

Make Your Own Solar-Powered Security Cameras

The short answer is yes! The CCTV security system will continue to operate and record output, but it will only be available on-site. You can still view its live output on a linked check, or your computer and review recorded footage.

The majority of monitored CCTV systems will depend on your actual internet connection. It delivers data from the cameras to you while you’re away. You won’t be able to watch what’s happening from a distance if your internet connection fails.

The good news is that some cameras have built-in internet access installed. If the internet connection drops, they continue sending data through the 3G or 4G network. So, make sure your CCTV system is operational and protecting your property.

Will I Pay More or Less for These?

Every system has its own distinct capabilities. So, this question is too tough to answer. When choosing a battery-powered device, you can reduce some specifications to save money. There are a variety of options you can choose from.

Are There Any Features I Lose When I Use Solar or Battery-Powered Options?

No, definitely not! The CCTV systems are almost the same as the normal systems. It is still powered by 12V electrical hookups. The option to adjust the field of vision will still be available with these devices. But the more you zoom, spin, or otherwise fiddle with the camera, the sooner the battery life will run out. For some users, this might turn out to be a problem in the future.

How to Keep Your Cameras Powered 24/7?

You will need a dependable power source to give your home the highest level of security. Knowing that you can operate your CCTV system even without electricity is reassuring.

There are various ways to set up emergency power for your cameras. You can discuss which emergency power backup is ideal for you during installation. There isn’t a single backup power option that works for all homes. Talking to your CCTV security systems provider would help you in deciding the best CCTV system.


Do not assume that because a security camera is wireless, it is also powered by batteries. Though there are different options to keep running 24/7, most are powered by electricity. I hope this article has answered your questions. If you need more help, you can contact MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia. Visit us at Your security is our top priority.


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