Do I Need an Architect for Renovations?


Renovating your home requires a significant amount of investment as it helps in enhancing the look and functionality of your existing space in pursuit of getting that dream home look.

But some home renovations are a complex and time-consuming process that involves transforming the shape of vital areas of your home so that you will get a renewed and updated look. When you envision your dream home, that might mean knocking down a few walls, even load-bearing ones. Doing so requires an Alberta Safety Code permit-holder to ensure the structural integrity of the building, and depending on what you want to do to the space, it might require an architect’s seal granted by the Alberta Association of Architects.

Why Your Renovations Might Require an Architect

It can all get quite complicated with all the safety statutes and building codes out there, but it’s important for you to be able to answer the question: “do I need an architect for renovations?”

Hiring an architect could grant you the legal ability to make structural and non-structural changes when building and eliminating interior walls. Most home renovations companies will tell you that changes can’t be made to interior load-bearing walls, but with the approval of an architect, it can be done. You just have to find a home renovations company with economical access to architectural expertise.

Doing so could grant you more of what you envision, especially when you want to enjoy virtually unlimited interior renovation possibilities without the worry of making costly mistakes, further saving you extra stress and wasted time.

When Should You Hire a Renovation Company with In-House Architectural Teams?

When you have a complex home renovation project, it is definitely more recommendable that you hire top professionals over those meeting minimum standards to get the best and most valuable renovations to your existing space.

Hiring a renovations company with an in-house architectural could be considered a wise and sound investment, as it helps to expand your options. The renovation project can move more smoothly with the help of licensed and certified professionals.  Bomax Architects is an innovative architectural firm that specializes in creating unique spaces and experiences.

These seals of approval are accessible through the permit application process in a city like Calgary or Edmonton. Permit-holders have access to experts in safety codes and architecture, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

This professional expertise can help with extensive remodels and renovations to any area of your home so that your aesthetic isn’t so limited and your indoor space matches your vision.

Hiring a certified architectural professional means that you’ll have someone who can handle a renovation project’s legal and practical aspects. Though, to some, in-house architectural teams could be considered “overkill” for a renovations company. But if you want the best results, you should hire companies who do what they do to an above-average standard.

What Can an Architect Working on Renovations Do?

Engineer studies graduate. College diploma cap on construction project drawings. 3d illustration
Engineer studies graduate College diploma cap on construction project drawings Technical education Architect student and engineering degree concept 3d illustration

The expertise and experience of the architect are essential as they have certification in safety codes, civil engineering, and building design; their expertise will help you to get outstanding results from a drastic remodelling project, all while completed according to residential building codes and regulations.

Moreover, the architect will create architectural plans of the home that you want to gut and remodel completely. They can leverage their experience in construction drawings and work with statute-compliant permits needed for the project’s successful outcome.

Another benefit of having an in-house architect on staff with the renovations company you want to hire is better coordination. Permit-holding renovators certainly have access to architectural consulting through the permit process. Still, the architect working for the permit office won’t necessarily collaborate with a design team to realize the vision of the renovation company’s customer. That’s simply outside of their job description, and their focus is the safety of all permit applications. But in-house architects can coordinate with a design team, a sales associate, the renovation team, and the customer—all to the benefit of the latter.

A Breathtaking Remodel

When you decide to renovate with an architect, you can rest assured that you have hired the best expert in this field who has the immense knowledge and experience needed to handle any home renovation project efficiently.

The successful completion of the project will also help you increase the value of your property as you add more dramatic features into the space, allowing you to enjoy more comfort and fulfillment. From a resale value perspective, you can create a totally unique space that stands out on the market.

The role of an architect cannot be underestimated; this professional is needed to handle a structural renovation in the safest possible manner, even for extensive remodelling. You can relax and know that the design team’s proposals will be safe and creative while the best professional completes the project.

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