Do Medical Alert Systems Come with Automatic Fall Detection?



In a world where sickness is inevitable, there are many potential pitfalls. Many people succumb to emergencies and cannot call for help. Luckily, through a state of the art technology, the medical industry provides a solution by using medical alert systems.

A medical alert system refers to a personal device that can help a vulnerable individual get prompt medical attention during an emergency. 

Medical alert systems have monitoring, GPS location, and reminders for medication. Nowadays, most of these units include the automatic fall detection feature to facilitate quick response for medical specialists. 

Read further to know more about this feature.

How Automatic Fall Detection Works

The Medical Alert Systems incorporate automatic fall detection as a significant feature. By using motion-sensing technology, the device can detect when a person in crisis drastically moves from standing to a horizontal posture.

Automatically, the system calls for help, and through tracking the GPS location, the hospital can locate the person. In some instances, the person wearing the device can press the button on falling if they can do so.

Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection Devices

Although fall detection devices have a considerable impact, not all medical alert systems have this feature. Each medical company chooses whether or not to include automatic fall detection as part of its services. 

Traditionally, medical alert systems only monitored the patient’s progress to make a judgement. As such, caregivers had to alert the emergency response team by making calls in an emergency.

Fortunately, technology improvement brought the perfect solution to such scenarios. Nowadays, the vulnerable person needs to have a medical alert system that has this essential feature. The vibrant industry recognizes the huge role that the fall detection feature plays. 

Because of this, numerous companies have come up with fall detection devices for dire situations. ranked the top medical alert companies with the automatic fall detection feature for an easier search.

The fall detection feature is usually a complementary feature within a range of other services that medical alert companies offer. You need to add a premium to access this critical feature to prompt emergency response.

Additionally, medical companies make their fall detection systems differently. Some are wearable, which allows you to go with them everywhere. For other companies, you do not need to wear the devices. Instead, through the use of cellular data, landline or WiFi, you can reach emergency responders easily.

Importance of Having a Fall Detection on Your Medical Alert System

Millions of people live with a life-threatening condition and rely on their family or friends for help. Senior citizens or people with illness or injury have a glimmer of hope. Fall detection gives sickly people complete independence. The feature reduces the need to have a caregiver on-site 24/7.

Medical professionals are also able to respond to emergencies swiftly. Whenever someone falls, there is the potential harm of having a head injury, fracturing bones, or even losing consciousness. Medical experts can quickly get to the scene and perform first aid to alleviate this. If the person needs more medical attention, they can quickly transfer them to medical facilities.

Automatic fall detection also gives relatives and friends great peace of mind. It’s precarious to wait for a person in distress to call you. With the fall detection system, you are confident that your loved one will receive medical attention promptly.

Senior citizens, people susceptible to heart attacks, people with diabetes, and people with mobility difficulties essentially need an automatic fall detection service.

Features of Fall Detection Devices


Most fall detection devices are waterproof. With many accidents happening in wet places, it is essential to have the devices with you, even in wet areas. You can confidently use the devices if an emergency occurs as you shower as people are prone to fall anytime.


Most fall detection devices are easy to use. When a crisis strikes, you only need to press one button to alert medical professionals of your emergency. Even better, there are fall detection devices that have voice detection. For this, all you need is to say” call 911, call 911 “ to alert medics.

False Alarm Proof

Some fall detection devices have high technology features to eliminate false alarms. The gadgets can distinguish a drop from a fall, reducing the cases of false emergencies. If your fall detection device detects a false fall, it is prudent to immediately let the emergency responder know.


The role that the automatic fall detection feature plays is immense. Although not all medical alerts systems have this feature, many modern systems recognize the considerable impact. Whether you are a caregiver or a person with significant concerns about falling, this tiny device can help save lives.

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