Do Multivitamins Make You Healthier – Is It Bad To Take Every Day?

When it comes to nutrients, we can get ample of them from fruits and vegetables. But the simple fact is, we don’t. Our diets don’t consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables; therefore, making us susceptible to developing diseases like heart diseases, stroke, and even cancer in some cases. Studies have been conducted by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) that show that adults are supposed to consume 1.5-2 cups of fruits and more than 2 cups of vegetables in a day to maintain optimal health.

In a very recent study, it was found that most adults do not consume this recommended serving. This could be due to the hectic schedule, or merely an inaccessibility issue. So how do you maintain the inflow of essential nutrients? Through multivitamins!

A multivitamin pill is more or less like an insurance policy when it comes to ensuring your body sustains and lives healthily. It helps you compensate for all the nutrients you didn’t receive through food. There are many multivitamins for men and women on the market that you can choose from to ensure optimal health and long life. Balance of Nature, a nutritional supplement, may help your body meet its nutrition needs.

All said, is it healthy to take multivitamins every day? To come to a conclusion on that, we first need to understand what they are and how they work. So let’s dig in and find out more!

What Are Multivitamins?

There are many vitamins and minerals which help cultivate and strengthen our bodies. A multivitamin supplement will contain most of these essential nutrients, and it’s mostly packed in one pill. The nutrient composition between each multivitamin supplement can vary from brand to brand. These supplements are also popularly known as multimineral, multiples, or even just vitamins, and can be found in many forms including powders, gummies, liquids, effervescent capsules, and more.

This medication can help you prevent and even treat certain vitamin deficiencies that are usually caused due to poor diet or medical illnesses. The regular serving of multivitamin supplements generally varies between once or twice a day. It is essential to scan through the label with a particular product to ensure you’re not overdosing or under-dosing on the multivitamin. These supplements are readily available on different pharmacies, supermarkets, and even online!

What Do Multivitamins Contain?

So what do these multivitamins contain after all? Well, your body requires a combination of 13 vitamins and 16 minerals to sustain a disease-free and happy life. These nutrients can help your body with enzyme reactions and even carrying out proper functioning of your structural and cellular elements. From reproduction to overall growth, these nutrients assist your body in conducting some of the simplest to most complex processes. These supplements can provide you with a range of vitamins and minerals, but the quantity and combination can vary from brand to brand.

The multivitamins can also contain other elements that will help with your growth like amino acids and herbs. Please note that the number of nutrients can vary in quantity as compared to the label because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate dietary supplements. There are cases when you may not receive nutrients present in the label at all. It is also essential to check whether the supplements have been derived from real food-sources or have been synthetically created in labs.

Reasons to Take A Multivitamin Every Day

Let’s cut to the chase! Many doctors and scientists suggest taking a multivitamin every day and do not consider anything inherently wrong with that. All you have to do is keep the recommended dosage in mind to avoid any issues! Below-mentioned are some of the best reasons why you should start taking multivitamins to ensure a healthy state of your body right away!

You will age well!

Our nutritional requirements increase as we begin to age. Right around the same time, it also becomes difficult for our bodies to absorb all the nutrients we receive from the food. Medication-related to old-age problems can also further deplete our bodies of all the essential nutrients. Taking a multivitamin will help you cover up for all the goods lost, and ensure your age well.

Great for the heart

High-quality multivitamins have shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases, as per many studies. As we know, heart diseases have been one of the leading reasons for death in both men and women across the U.S. When you consume a multivitamin with B-complex nutrients, along with CoQ10 and magnesium, you will help maintain good heart health.

Helps strengthen your immunity

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which has been known to kick-start your immunity system. It is an essential vitamin that all of us miss out on from our diets. Taking a multivitamin with a combination of Vitamin C with other Vitamins like D and E will help you boost your immunity, and keep you away from horrible allergies and viruses.

Supports vision and overall eye health

Many vitamins play a huge role in protecting your eye health, including vitamins A, C, E, and B3. Even Selenium and Lutein have been known to contribute their bit to improving your vision and shielding your eyes from harmful light waves. Several studies have shown that if you consume a multivitamin with the nutrients as mentioned above and vitamins, you can decrease the risk of macular degeneration (age-related eye diseases).

Provides water-soluble vitamins

Our bodies store many fat-soluble vitamins, while essential water-soluble vitamins like B and C are lost somewhere. Excess water-soluble vitamins always drain through the body, which is why you need to compensate for them the most (and also daily).

Improves skin and hair health

Many new studies have exemplified the fact that Niacin (B3), Biotin, and Vitamin C helps in providing you fuller and gorgeous hair in general. While Vitamins A, C, and E help in maintaining your skin health, ensuring that you always look for your best and do not develop any skin-related issues. A multivitamin every day can help you attain this.

Say goodbye to anxiety and stress

Believe it or not, vitamins and minerals have a significant impact on your mental well-being and health. For instance, B vitamins help convert whatever food you consume into energy, ensuring your nervous system keeps functioning correctly. Having a multivitamin with B-complex vitamins will help you replenish your body’s supply and reduce your anxiety and stress levels.