Do Pheromones Impact on Finding a Mate?


The word pheromone stems from two Greek words “ferein”, which means “carry” and “hormone”. Pheromones are chemicals that the body produces that another person can sense or smell. The chemicals affect how individuals of the same species behave towards one another. Every individual has a distinctive scent that is unique to that individual. This odor can either attract or repel other individuals based on how those people perceive it. The big question is whether odors play a significant role in finding a mate among human beings. As it turns out, pheromones determine how another individual may find you or another person attractive, and determines, albeit unconsciously how you are likely to find a mate. Follow this link for more insights:

How Do They Affect Finding a mate?

A nice scent is always attractive, to say the least. Human beings are naturally attracted to sweet scents be it from food, perfumes, flowers, or any other source. Scents for instance induce our appetite and compel us to eat. In the same manner that food scents trigger our brain to desire that which we perceive, is the same science behind bodily scents and attraction. You will naturally want to sit next to a person that is smelling nicer than one who has bodily odors from sweating or from failing to adhere to personal hygiene like failing to bath.

Teenagers usually have an excessive amount of sexual energy that seems to drive them out of control. This urge persists throughout your teenage life and into your early 20s and then begins to wane off as you grow older. There is a reason behind the high sexuality libido during your teenage years that lack as you grow older. Researchers assert that if you can get the same element or elements that you had as a teenager, then you can revive your sexual life and even increase your chances of finding a male. The secret as it turns out lies with smells and scents your body produces, or which you can create with perfumes and/or colognes.

The Impact of pheromones on Women and Men

Research on pheromones on human beings is still ongoing. Humans lack any functioning vomeronasal organ, but can still sense or detect the same with their olfactory system or their smelling sense. The natural secretion that is humans most readily produce and detect is axillary sweat. Sweat contains steroidal compounds with androstadienone, one of the compounds in sweat being higher in concentration in male sweat. Women have a stronger sense to detect this compound as compared to their male counterparts. These scents play a significant role in attracting mates. With a varying degree of sensitivity, different women can either be attracted or repelled by such scents.

Impact on Men

It is possible, however, to alter these scents using perfumes or colognes. If you perceive your natural body odor to be off-putting, it could be the reason why you are not attracting the other gender. As a man, you can get the best pheromone cologne for men to improve their bodily scents. These colognes come in different styles and scents. Depending on the strength of your bodily scents, you can choose from mild to strong. It is common to find females wearing their spouses’ clothes like shirts and t-shirts while relaxing in the house. Women say that the scent emanating from their partners’ clothes creates a sense of security and attractiveness. Some claim that it is more or less the same as your partner holding you. This phenomenon shows just how scents are important in attracting mates.

Impact on Women

The effect on men is more or less the same as in women. Women are more likely to wear perfume as compared to men. While men are in most cases comfortable with their natural scents, or make less effort to use colognes, it is very difficult to come across a woman who does not use at least one form of perfume, be in it in soap they use to bath, the jelly or lotion they apply on their bodies in addition to their numerous varieties of perfumes. Men are attracted to such sweet scents and even aroused by the same. As a woman, you can get the best pheromones perfumes for women to enhance your body scent from various sites online.

While there is little as to what adults can do to stimulate their natural pheromones production, we have seen that they can use artificial elements like perfumes and colognes to at least enhance their attractiveness. Scents, no doubt play a big role or have a huge impact on attracting mates.

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