Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work On Bed Bugs?


Ultrasonic repellents are innovative electronic devices for insects. They work with electromagnetic pulses and ultrasounds, in practice, they emit waves that are not audible to humans and pets but which cause a tremendous nuisance to most insects, including bed bugs. The insects can’t help but leave!

ultrasonic pest repeller for bed bugs have a wide range of action, usually greater than 200 square meters, and are particularly useful both inside our homes and during travel, when you sleep in rooms other than your own, for example in a hotel or camping. Furthermore, if you choose to buy a professional repellent, such as the one recommended, you can also have protection against other insects (such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, etc.).

Not all repellents are the same, low-priced products are often sold on the market that emit waves with reduced power and practically do not work. If you want to buy this type of product, I recommend that you opt for a professional and effective repellent. The price will certainly be higher but it’s worth it.

The recommended product, EverPest, is what I think is the best for value for money, it has proved very useful on several occasions against insects such as bed bugs. The price is cheap, and nothing compared to Ever pest repellents pest control companies!

Bed Bug Bites

The main warning sign of bed bugs is the bite marks on your body that are itchy in most cases but can have even worse consequences. Let’s briefly see how to recognize their bites, where they sting, and how to act on the injured areas to limit the itching and pain.

Bed bugs, to complete a complete meal, tend to bite humans three or four times for a few minutes. Their bites generate small pink swellings in the affected area with a more intense red point in the center similar to those of mosquitoes. They can be recognized because unlike mosquito bites, which do not follow a precise order or pattern but are randomly scattered on the body, bed bug bites are almost always close and in a straight line or in any case all concentrated . in a confined area.

Bed Bug Bites

The stings cause intense and annoying itching which, if left untreated, can lead to the formation of scars or infections in the affected area or in some cases even the onset of an allergic reaction. In severe cases, for which it is advisable to contact a doctor or go to the emergency room, breathing problems, chest pains, difficulty swallowing, dizziness or fainting, and fever may occur.

But Where Are Their Stings Concentrated?

These parasites prefer the parts of the body that are usually discovered during the night such as legs, feet, arms, neck, and face, as they have difficulty both in passing clothes with their stings and in getting under clothing.

Generally, the signs of bites, spots, and itching disappear within a couple of weeks without the need for any special treatment, but it is possible to speed up the healing process by using hydrocortisone-based creams. Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid, which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory drug.

How To Identify Infested Areas

How To Identify Infested Areas

If you suspect the presence of a bed bug infestation you need to check by looking for their nests. It may seem like a simple mission, but it’s not exactly like that. Although they have dimensions visible to the naked eye, they are insects that usually move at night; during the day they will remain in their very sheltered hiding places! It is therefore necessary to arm yourself with patience and a spirit of initiative and set out to hunt for their tracks to then be able to go back to the nest.

First of all, it is necessary to check if there are small black spots on the bed and fabrics (blankets, sheets, pillows): these are their excrements and are frequently found along the path that bed bugs make from the nests to the victims, as they use them to orient yourself on the way.

In addition to the feces on the mattress or the sheets you may also find blood stains which are the remains of bed bugs unintentionally crushed by you during sleep: these traces will have a lighter color and tend to be red than the excrement because they are blood fresh sucked just before by the parasite.

Another sign of the presence of bed bugs is exuviae, which is the exoskeleton that the insect loses with each passage to the next stage towards adulthood. During their evolution these insects go through 5 stages of development and with each passing to the next stage they abandon their old exoskeleton, you recognize it because it has a yellowish color. These exoskeletons can be found scattered around and then mingled with dust.

In case of suspicion it is, therefore, necessary to search for these traces in hidden places, let’s see some examples:

  • cracks in walls or floors;
  • power outlets;
  • in the bed structure and in particular in the joints and between the slats or springs;
  • in the folds of the mattress;
  • between the bed and the wall if these are attached;
  • in the most hidden corners of wardrobes;

in general in all the darkest and most hidden places where they can find an ideal environment to hide during the day;

To solve the problem definitively, it is, therefore, necessary to carry out thorough research in all these areas to identify the presence of a bed bug infestation and to intervene accordingly.

Speaking of the products listed above, I want to remind you that ultrasonic traps and repellents work regardless of whether you have found these pests. So they are the best products to use if you can’t find their bed bug nest. On the contrary, if you have found the nest, a good spray will undoubtedly be an effective choice.

Bed Bug Prevention Techniques

We can agree that bed bugs are truly insidious and dangerous insects. As we have seen these parasites are not attracted by dirt but simply by the heat of the house and by the presence of victims to be stung and suck their blood, mattresses are for them a heavenly place to create a dream nest. Thanks to these characteristics, no one is 100% safe from these insects. Learn how to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home fast.

Don’t worry though, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent their settlement.

First of all, it is a good idea to carefully and frequently check even the most hidden corners of the rooms of your home, in particular the bedroom, and the related furniture to act quickly if there are signs of a suspicious presence of insects or their eggs.

In addition to checking the environments, an effective precaution if bed bug infestation is suspected is to carry out a thorough cleaning of the spaces. In these cases, sweeping and dusting are not enough, but it is necessary to use the vacuum cleaner carefully and wash the sheets often, preferably in hot water, this helps to avoid the birth and propagation of parasites. However, where there is a suspicion of bed bugs or their infestation is certain, remember to change the vacuum cleaner bag to avoid transferring the insects from one room to another during cleaning.

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