Do You Believe in the Paranormal Universe? – And I Don’t Mean the Movie!


While the paranormal might fall into an ambiguous realm that means different things to different people, belief in the paranormal has been going on for centuries – if not millennia. The entire works of art are based off of experiences with the paranormal, encounters with ghosts, and beings outside of our own understanding. You might even have had your own encounters with these beings. These experiences are recorded historically, with attempts to analyze and quantify the paranormal realm. 

Here are some examples, and reasons why your belief in the paranormal universe might be valid.

A picture says 1000 words

Freddy Jack, Lord Combermere, The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, all examples of photographs taken throughout history depicting the deceased. A quick google search can also provide some information about recent photos including ghosts throughout history (and no they’re not snapchat filters). While a scientific explanation can be offered here and there for the reason this images may occur, the sheer volume of the experiences speaks loudly. There are multitudes of photos of “ghosts” being captured on camera, and for them to be explained away for small scientific reasons every time would be a little odd. Taking your own photos of places that are known for this sort of event would be recommended if you’re looking to capture your own ghost photo.

Ghost Adventures, even captured a complete man-shaped apparition following one of their team members, including an episode of a brick being thrown. But unfortunately the world of reality T.V. is lucky enough to include programs such as Jersey Shore, and the general public views all of this with speculation. However, there’s tons of photographic and video evidence of scenarios where things just don’t quite add up.

Electronic voice phenomena

Some of the most interesting evidence for the paranormal comes from EVP or electronic voice phenomena. Hearing ghosts talk is pretty hard to debunk, and sometimes explicit words can be heard that don’t add up to coincidence. If you think this is an interesting (and how couldn’t you) the experts at the Third Eye Paranormal Society know how to capture these sorts of incidences. If you’re looking to have paranormal experiences for yourself, it’s best you get some professional advice on obtaining them. Ghost Hunters had some pretty convincing evidence of EVP’s being used successfully and looking at those is definitely chilling. Again, you’re always going to have critics of reality television, and that’s unfortunate, but the evidence stands for itself.

Worldwide phenomena

The existence of ghosts are almost universally connected by being part of all folklore, and being recorded in many cultures throughout the world historically. There are paintings, books, and letters, all pointing to a single globally developed thought. There are paranormal events, and we have experienced them. If you’ve had one of these encounters yourself, you’re among the millions throughout world history who have had one. Can all of this recorded and well documented history really be explained by coincidence? Or are all of these people correct and they are being visited by spirits from the beyond? It’s harder to believe that they are ALL incorrect than to believe these encounters do not happen.

Repeat sightings

Ever notice how these sightings always have a corroborating story behind them? Sometimes the person who has an encounter at the location of a violent murder or suicide doesn’t even know that the event took place in history. They are just dumbfounded at the paranormal experience they’re having/had. Countless sightings tend to happen around areas where something out of the ordinary happened, and that doesn’t come across coincidental. Especially when persons visiting these areas tend to have no knowledge of the event that had taken place historically.

If you haven’t had a paranormal experience in your past believing in the paranormal universe might seem like an odd abstract concept. If it’s something you think that’s cool and exciting, however you could always look into trying to find your own encounter. I’d highly recommend doing your research prior to engaging in those kinds of activities. They often involve treks to out of the way, or lesser known sites, and having a background knowledge of the area is important.

Given the extensive photographic and video evidence, it’s almost harder to believe in something other than a paranormal universe outside our known realm of reality. Hearing the recordings of loved ones making specific references to other loved ones through EVPs is an interesting experience. There’s so much historically recorded when it comes to paranormal experiences on its own, you could get lost reading all the information that’s been recorded in the past few centuries.

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