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The family home is one where everyone should feel comfortable and at ease, including the little ones. That can be challenging if the whole house has an aesthetic design fit entirely for the grownups in the family. Generally, that speaks “don’t touch” throughout most rooms and is not relaxing for a small person.

Any trusted family home store will suggest decorating with the kids in mind, and then parents won’t stress so much. You can click here for one of the leaders in the industry. That doesn’t mean you need to give up style or even sophistication (as long as it’s child-proof) – it simply means a little compromise since you are roommates.

Let’s look at ways to be a little bit more creative with your design technique.

Tips On Decorating The Family Home

The concept when considering design for a family home is considering first and foremost that it’s home. That word automatically brings to mind warmth and comfort.

The term family is not restricted to merely the parents; perhaps little ones or even grandchildren might want to come to stay. That means each room needs to accommodate whatever abuses these little people have to dole out because every all – they’re only small for a little while.

Here’s are some guidance on designing a growing family’s household. Let’s look at some ways you can savor those moments with your family home design.

Kids produce natural works of art

Children make some fantastic pieces of art that need displaying proudly so that parents can share and brag with each guest. Use their finest work for framing and hang them on an entire designated wall in the living area using frames that match the room’s aesthetic.

Each time a new masterpiece is created, simply replace one in a frame and scan the previous one into a special file for that specific child on the computer, so these are preserved forever.

Pick a color that goes above the standard for the kids’ rooms

Whether the kids share a room or have their own, think outside the box when choosing a color scheme. It’s also wise to buy furniture that will grow with the child. If you opt for bunk beds when they’re small, try to ensure these can transition into twin beds as they grow into teenagers.

You can find many multifunctional furniture pieces for children and other rooms within the home. It just takes the right home store and a good eye for design.

A guest room fit for a prince or princess

While you want the guest room to serve any number of guests, whether adults or children, decorating needs to be well thought out and pleasing for either group. A good rule of thumb is always to use the walls to bring the concept together.

In this case, create shelving for books with the covers serving as art that you can change out depending on your guests. These can serve as a backdrop for the bed so kids or adults can merely reach up and grab the book they want to read before they go to sleep.

You can even use old ladders as the shelving with books hanging over the rails, depending on the theme in the room and with whichever is easiest for the kids to work.

Beat up the dining table before the kids can

Beat up the dining table before the kids can

An old wooden top dining table that’s rustic with signs of wear and ready for abuse is the ideal piece regardless of your aesthetic. Kids can draw on it with erasable or washable paints and crayons or markers.

Plus, they can spill, eat without fear of making a mess or smudging up a glass table, or ruining a shiny, brand new wood top.

Decorations should be a family affair

Instead of decorating the house with fancy tchotchkes that you find in antique stores, it’s wise to avoid that when you have little ones that want to inspect everything sitting on all the tables in the home.

Instead, let the kids help decorate. Go outside and find your decor. Take pictures of whatever the small ones find fascinating, pick-up pretty rocks, look for unusual twigs or sticks or other found objects.

Another pleasing display is garden statues, things for outdoors or nature that you can generally find in a home store for budget-friendly prices that are kid-friendly as well.

Final Thought

The key to being in a family home is that each person feels as though they can “live” without fear of making a mess, breaking an object, or getting into trouble for touching something. Find out what makes a family-friendly home at

Too often, adults create a space specifically as a showplace to invite friends and family, not thinking about the little ones that either reside there or might be visiting.

Usually, everyone is on edge, first, whether a child will get hurt on sharp corners, glass tops, pointy objects, or that the perfection will somehow be destroyed by one of the kids.

The fact is no one, not even adults (not even extended family), feels comfortable in a household that’s designed with the concept of everything in its place and spotless.

These are merely a few ideas on how to make a house into a true family home. You can do so many more things to create a comfortable, warm environment that’s relaxing for all the people living there, especially the little ones.

Albeit, you’ll still have a stylish place to introduce to friends who will genuinely enjoy being there.

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