Doctor’s guide on clearing ear wax blockage & cleaning your ears safely


Earwax or cerumen is a wax-like oily substance in your ear canal. It can be a yellow, orange, or brown colored anti-bacterial and anti-microbial substance secreted from the body. It is present in your ears to protect them from bacterial and fungal infections and irritations. It also saves your ears from water. Moreover, it also protects your ears and eardrums from dust or foreign particles. It is also helpful in lubrication and cleansing of the ear canal. The sebaceous and ceruminous glands of the outer ear secrete this ear wax.

Ear wax blockage and safe cleaning

Sometimes this naturally produced ear wax can create problems in your ear. If there is an excess of ear wax, it can cause harm to your eardrum and block your ear canal, among other things. This blockage will further cause pain, itchiness, discomfort, mild hearing problems, or dizziness. Scratch or remove this kind of ear wax by yourself can cause more harm than good to you. Therefore, you must seek professional help if you are facing such kinds of symptoms.

Why shouldn’t you clean your ears yourself?

You should see your doctor if you notice dark or smelly ear wax because these are signs of infections. Cotton swabs, rolled napkins, your fingers, paperclips, keys, or bobby pins can push the ear wax further in your ear canal, and it will create serious problems. Experienced and capable professionals can solve these problems with advanced tools and modern techniques.

Cleaning your ears safely is important or serious harm to your eardrum or ear canal can occur. Eardrops serve as a good option to clean your ears safely. Many earwax softener eardrops are available in the market, which contains hydrogen peroxide. This helps in softening the wax. Some use baby oil or mineral oil, or glycerin for the same purpose. Some also try warm water to clean ear wax. But if you have an earlier ear infection or problems of any kind in your ear, you should not try this on your own without consulting a doctor first.

Professional Treatments

There are many kinds of ear wax removal processes available like

  • Earwax irrigation,
  • Micro-suction,
  • Curettes,
  • Softener ear drops,
  • Ear candles, etc.

Different kinds of problems need different kinds of solutions. Micro suction is one of the safest, surest, and most effective ways to cleanse and solve ear wax problems. It removes any and all kinds of foreign objects from your ear canal, and it is a mostly painless procedure. Micro-suction is a short procedure, and it helps in the removal of excessive ear discharge from your ear canal. In this process, the doctor places an ear speculum into the ear and starts the suction process.


For more information about our ear wax removal procedures and techniques, you can visit You can also visit a clinic and contact the help desk for further assistance. So, don’t waste any time when you are experiencing problems with ear wax blockage, and reach out to professional services soonest.

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