Does a Car Body Kit Void Your Warranty?


All car enthusiasts have a car of their dreams in mind when they bite the bullet to get their sweet new ride. For some, it’s a sleek, shiny body and a lowered chassis, for others it’s a matte body with some bold mags. Sooner or later, the question of body kits becomes an issue: sure, this might be the key to getting your dream car but on a practical note, will it void your warranty? Is it worth the investment, should something happen to your car?

Along with that brings another string of questions: are there limits to how much you can modify your car? Will it be worth it if it means foregoing your safety net? In this article, we’ll be breaking down all of the nitty-gritty when it comes to body kits and warranties. Keep reading and learn all you need to know to make a sound decision.

Body Kits & Warranties

The truth is that there’s no easy answer to the question of warranties: it really depends on what kind of body kit and car modification you’re looking into. However, there are some main standards that remain the same across different cases.

Standard Warranty Terms vs. ACCC Terms

Car warranty terms previously depended on whether or not the car parts to be used were genuine. If the parts being used during the modification are still genuine and all belong to accredited car part providers, then the warranty would remain intact. This was based on the premise that if the parts used weren’t genuine, they would affect the car’s performance.

Although this is still followed by some car insurance companies, it’s no longer true for all cases. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or ACCC says that apart not sourced from the accredited manufacturer can still be used, so long as:

  • the non-genuine part is of the same quality and is interchangeable with a genuine part

  • the non-genuine part effectively performs the function of the original part

You can focus on the quality of the parts being installed–see if there’s an accredited supplier for those parts and if it will benefit the car’s performance. Do you really want these modifications? Will making these modifications be worth the money that you spend on them, should you lose your warranty?

Car Services & Warranty

Modifying your car, whether it’s with a body kit or not, will go hand-in-hand with car servicing and maintenance. To create a holistic aesthetic, you’ll find yourself having to repaint small details and polishing up after the big modifications are made. A lot of damage is usually incurred during these nitty-gritty processes.

You can avoid these damages by using polyurethane or ABS body kits, which are available at top-tier auto shops like AusBody Works. By using the body kit, you can get the feel and look that you’ve been dreaming of without compromising any parts of the car body.

Unlike body kits made of fibreglass or composite, ABS fit perfectly and there are little to no modifications needed on the actual car body itself. This makes sure that you can get the car of your dreams and keep your warranty intact.

Tuning & Fluids

Considering the car fluid you’re using is also very important. It might seem like a small thing, but choosing a fluid that isn’t compatible with your car’s engine can cause a lot of long-term damage. To avoid this, you can talk to your service providers and they can suggest a maintenance fluid that’s right for your car.

Tuning your engine and adjusting speed and power capacities should also be done with a lot of caution. Remember that car limits are there for a reason, mainly longevity. When you change the limits of your car’s speed and power, you might also be sentencing your ride to a shorter life.

Wheels, Tires & Keeping Your Warranty

Changing tires, upgrading mags, and decorating or modifying wheels are probably some of the first modifications that car owners go for because of how seemingly straightforward it is. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye: changing your tires could damage your car’s alignment, suspension, and divetrain, causing you to lose your warranty. Make sure to check that your car’s specs are right for the tires that you want.


Changing up your car and modifying your car body is a really big deal. It can make the difference of whether or not you’re going to be getting the car of your dreams. Remember that incredible aesthetics should never be at the price of safety and security. When you work with AusBody Works, you get the best of both worlds: industry experts advise you so that you can get the car you want while still keeping your warranty safe and sound. Drive by today and get the engine started on getting your dream car!

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