Does a Gas Water Heater Have an Anode Rod?

An anode rod is not dependent on gas water heaters. The main point is if your gas unit has a tank that isn’t made of stainless steel there must be some corrosion. As a result, to prevent this rustic layer you need anode rods. Otherwise, you can pass.

A prominent website, also pointed out how anode rods are uniquely designed for protecting tanks of your water heater rather than a heat source. Though it sounds odd, we can’t disagree that it is a great chunk of knowledge.

Let’s have a round of this guide to know more about the anode rods.

Where is the anode rod in a gas water heater?

While replacing an anode rod, locating it can be very tiring work. Especially, if you’re a newbie, this can apparently feel very overwhelming. We don’t accuse you, guys. To be honest, we faced that too.

However, the best part is with some guidance and tips and tricks you will be able to find your anode rod from the deepest, darkest part of your gas water heater. There are some major areas where you can try looking for them.

Come see them one by one

First of all, naturally, the anode rods are found on the top of the water heaters. Looking very closely, you will see some hexagonal head lurking above the tip of it.

Bad luck if you can’t see such a head on the very top of it. In that case, we have to move to the second and one of the best options – checking the owners’ manual. Often, the manual has an elaborate discussion regarding the position of these rods.

Moreover, there are other places where you can try to look for anode rods. For instance, scan the sheet metal present under the water heater or the outlet nipple to the hot water. Though rarely you will find it here, there’s no loss to give it a try.

And even if all of these plans fail it’s probably because your gas water tank doesn’t have an anode rod to replace. Maximum of the time this happens with plastic-lined tanks as there is no need for installing anode rods.


That’s it, dear! So now when someone asks you if a gas water heater has an anode rod, you must be fast to answer it. And that makes our little effort worthwhile.

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