Does Buying E-Juice Online Advisable Than Getting It in From a Physical Store?

A lot of smokers argue over the benefits of vaping compared to smoking cigarettes, being the reason to increase its popularity over the past few years. With numerous flavors available, a lot of people are switching to vaping while trying to quit smoking, making it a constant habit thereafter. Nowadays, vaping devices are easily available in department stores and gas stations. The main ingredient that fuels these devices, also called e-juice, is available in a liquid form and is responsible for creating vapor. The composition of e-juice comprises a major proportion of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and just around 10% of nicotine or flavoring agents. Among several items available online, you can also order and receive vape juice and vape devices within a day or two. Now, there are arguably a lot of reasons why some prefer buying e-juice online while a few still prefer the traditional method.

To pick the best option, let’s dig into the details and compare the two aspects.

Benefits of buying E-juice online

Among a lot of benefits provided by online shopping, a few of them completely convince you to prefer this method.

Various options are available

If you’ve always wanted to try a particular brand of vaping juice that’s manufactured and available in another country, online websites give you the option of purchasing it. With thousands of overseas brands and product lines available online, you can now get the benefit of smoking your desired brand with just a click. Online stores don’t have to invest in shops and pay rent, saving them the maintenance factor. Hence, they can invest in a larger product range while curating expensive and imported products. This gives the customer a chance to try new products at a cheaper rate.

Availability in banned countries

Countries like Australia have banned the sale of e-juice in stores. The only option for vapers is to import vape juice by ordering online. If you want to find the best Nicotine E-Liquid to buy in Australia, you need to consider factors like shipping costs, time duration, and availability while you’re checking online stores. A major benefit of buying online is that you can buy your favorite products irrespective of the country you’re in. Even while moving to another country, you can still find and buy your preferred brand with the same price and process, except for changing the billing address.

Convenience and affordability

Stepping out of the house to buy a single product can take an hour or two out of your busy schedule. Shopping online can save you precious time and the hassle of leaving your house. You can look for more products in lesser time. Also, the products are priced at a much cheaper rate compared to physical stores. This is because the overhead costs are slashed down for the customers due to the reduction in production costs and maintenance charges. When you’re online shopping, you have no pressure of making the purchase through an obligated deal.

Benefits of buying E-juice from a physical store

While online shopping has its own benefits, we simply cannot ignore the perks provided by retail stores.

Help in fetching honest opinions

Physical stores employ knowledgeable and experienced workers that are thoroughly educated about the products they’re selling. In case of confusion or indecisiveness about a certain product or brand, you can get an honest opinion, if you’re purchasing from the store, especially if you’re a beginner. The person behind the counter can also suggest some safer options and the recommended measurements behind safe vaping.


Buying at a physical store offers you the benefit of making a purchase on the spot. You don’t have to wait for a few days to try your favorite e-juice. Just buy it, step out and try it.

Easy return

The return policy is much simpler in physical stores as compared to online shops. While almost every physical store accepts returns within the specified number of days, most of the online stores don’t have a return policy.

So, which is the best option? With so many winning arguments, online purchases win the debate hands down. Not only is it convenient and affordable, but you can also order your preferred brand and products anywhere in the world. If you know what you want, you can save a lot of time and energy by ordering your product while you’re resting at home. Plus, you save money by avoiding extra charges and markups. You just need to be careful about the website and make sure that it’s genuine before ordering. Also, make sure you’re covered until your shipment arrives, which is around a day or two.