Does my dog need an orthopedic bed?

When choosing a dog bed for your beloved best friend, there are so many options available in today’s marketplace. A quick browse online may leave you bewildered with choice. During your search you will likely come across orthopedic dog beds.Generally more expensive than regular dog beds you may think that your dog does not need a memory foam dog bed. There is a common misconception that these specialist beds are meant only for older dogs, but the truth be known, all dogs can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.

That said, the benefits for older dogs can be huge. This is provided that you buy a quality manufactured item. There are unfortunately a lot of poorly made beds out there that masquerade as orthopedic but that are not made of true memory foam. You may find beds that are made with polyester fiber or foam chip fillings, these beds are simply not orthopedic.However, get it right and purchase a good quality “orthopedic” memory foam bed and an older dog can potentially benefit from relief from achy joints, pain relief, and improved mobility.This, however, does not mean that orthopedic dog beds are exclusively for older dogs.

Think about when you go shopping for a bed or mattress for yourself. Memory foam is literally everywhere! If the mattress itself is not made out of memory foam a lot of traditional sprung mattresses now incorporate a memory foam topper. Why is this the case, well it is simple, memory foam is the very best material available in offering total body support. It is an incredibly tough and durable material too. What makes memory foam particularly effective is the fact that it is a material that relieves pressure.

How will a memory foam dog bed assist my dog?

The special visco-elastic memory foam used in a true orthopedic dog bed, conforms to your dog’s body, thus resulting in the pressure points of the body being supported all the way across as the mattress works to fill in contour gaps.If the dog bed was constructed using just a single block of memory foam your pup would simply sink to the floor, however. Hence, the proper construction method is to include a bottom layer of high resilience foam. This allows your dog to sink just the proper amount, but no more.The research of the American pet products association, reveals an important statistic; 9 out of 10 dogs will suffer from joint pain & arthritis within their lifetime.Therefore the importance of a memory foam dog bed is highlighted.

These beds can be used from a very early age as a proactive preventative measure.There is evidence that working dogs and sports dogs (e.g agility dogs) suffer more detriment to their joints over time. As they age they demonstrate dramatic differences in the wear and tear on joints. This, therefore, implies that wear and tear on joints add up, for instance jumping up and down from things and sleeping on hard surfaces can have significant negative health implications for your dog.

The answer then is to implement the use of a memory foam dog bed from an early age. Your dog, therefore, benefits from the restorative properties of the orthopedic dog bed.This is evidently even more important for working or sports dogs and it is recommended that they definitely use such a bed.Improved blood flow is also evident in the use of a memory foam dog bed, as the pressure points are eased. In turn, this means that the nutrient-rich blood flow to areas of heavily worked muscles can improve recovery time.

Introducing Bobby Beds!

Bobby Beds is an innovative dog wellness company, specializing in orthopedic dog beds. Their range also includes anti-anxiety dog beds, so if your dog suffers from anxiety they are well worth a look at too!Their orthopedic beds are constructed from the premium materials, in a way that you would expect from only a true memory foam orthopedic dog bed. The methods used to ensure that the beds never lose shape or sag.These have got to be the world’s most comfy orthopedic dog beds featuring bespoke high-density memory foam, designed specifically for dogs by dog lovers.

They perfectly adjust to your dog’s body weight & curvature of their spine, to ease the pressure off their joints and body. These beds are simply superb! They have four integrated bolster sides which act as a chin rest allowing your dog to obtain the ultimate comfy position.They also have a waterproof liner in case of any accidents! They are dust mite & mold resistant, also antibacterial. The bases are skid resistant and the plush covers are removable & washable. There is a range of replacement covers available in two colorways, so room coordination is a breeze.

What’s more, these beds are so solidly made from bite and scratch-proof material. It appears that the guys over at Bobby Bed have really thought of everything that owners and dogs themselves require in a bed. So be sure to check out their range of orthopedic dog beds and head over to