Does the Pressotherapy Machine Benefit Sports Recovery & Performance


Sports practitioners, bodybuilders, and the general population may feel pain, soreness, numbness, or other discomfort conditions after regular daily activity. However, these conditions can be eliminated quickly and easily with the use of a pressotherapy machine.

The ever-changing market makes pressotherapy machines indispensable nowadays, especially in sports. It is a convenient and effective form of sports recovery and performance enhancement.

In order to help you form a comprehensive understanding of the pressotherapy machine, let’s explore what it is and why it could be a great addition to sports practitioners.

What the Pressotherapy Machine Is and How Does It Work

Pressotherapy, or air compression therapy, is a type of non-invasive, non-irritating therapy that promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage by using a machine to apply air pressure to the body.

The pressotherapy machine is a portable device that uses specific pressure points on the body to enhance proper muscle recovery after a hard workout, helping athletes to avoid inflammation, pain, and soreness in the muscles and connective tissues.

In addition, the pressotherapy machine aims to improve circulation and healing while reducing swelling by stretching the muscles. Besides, the pressotherapy machine is designed to be used in the home or at the office.

Benefits of Using a Pressotherapy Machine

After getting the definition of a pressotherapy machine, let’s dive into some benefits that an air compression therapy device brings to users. The following are some significant merits that the machine offers:

1. Treating Pain and Other Uncomfortable Symptoms

The compression therapy machine uses air compression to relieve pain and discomfort in a more comfortable way than traditional methods. The advanced method can be especially beneficial to athletes recovering from injury or experiencing pain in the muscles or joints.

Increasing the Flexibility of Muscles or Joints

2. Increasing the Flexibility of Muscles or Joints

By applying pressure to specific areas of the body using an air compression therapy device, users can help loosen up tight muscles or joints by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to those areas. In this way, the pressotherapy machine is important for athletes who have been injured and need time to heal before returning to training or competition.

3. Reducing the Restrictions of Space

One significant benefit that attracts users is that the pressotherapy machine is a portable device, which makes it easy to use whenever and wherever. It is also lightweight and allows the user to travel with the machine easily and without worrying about space restrictions.

4. Helping Nonprofessionals Use Easily

The pressotherapy machine is designed to be user-friendly. Whether the user is a professional or a nonprofessional, they can handle the machine in a proper way. It doesn’t require special training knowledge or experience to use it effectively. By simply placing the feet or hand in the suit and adjusting the pressure levels that can best work for muscle, the pressotherapy machine makes it easy for anyone from beginners to experts!

GZ Longest LGT-2200SP: an Excellent Pressotherapy Machine

Ever since you have clarified how the pressotherapy machine works effectively for performance improvement, it is time to get the best pressotherapy machine. LGT-2200SP, developed by GZ Longest, is an advanced pressotherapy machine that can effectively improve the recovery rate for athletes and enhance their performance. In addition, it has the following merits that you can’t ignore before making a buying decision.

  • The machine is a lightweight, portable device that is suitable for home and outdoor use.
  • It’s built with overlapping sleeves to provide a comfortable fit while still providing enough compression to maximize treating results.
  • It has an adjustable pressure setting option that allows users to adjust the intensity level according to their needs.
  • The real-time pressure indication allows users to know the current pressure of the device at any time of the day.
  • The machine is compatible with most worldwide adapters, making it a great choice for athletes everywhere.
  • Its rechargeable battery lasts over 5 hours, so users can use this machine multiple times without worrying about recharging it!
  • The machine has a high-pressure error indication function, which indicates when there is an error in the pressure sensor at any time during operation, avoiding damage to the device and ensuring maximum safety during use.

About GZ Longest

About GZ Longest

GZ Longest is a well-known manufacturer of physiotherapy and rehabilitation products, and it has been in business for over 20 years. They provide high-quality products at an affordable price, which makes them one of the most popular brands on the market.

The company has grown rapidly since its founding year and continues to produce innovative products like the LGT-2200SP, which help millions of people each year improve their quality of life with improved mobility and flexibility. For more inquiries about this pressotherapy machine, please get in touch with their professionals.


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