Does Walgreens sell Synthetic Urine?


Walgreens is one of the leading online stores where people can buy medications and health supplements. The store also sells health-related products and chemicals. Synthetic urine is simply a fake type of urine that is enriched with the same chemicals found in the urine of a human being. Many people who purchase it a Walgreens drug test normally have the intention of passing a drug test and they and just want to make sure they have negative results. When people know that they can have a negative result even though they consume drugs or abuse substances, synthetic urine will become one of the first escape plans.

Walgreen Policies Does Not Allow Synthetic Urine

Walgreens is a large pharmacy that deals online and can offer some of the best medications. Governments, institutions, and large medical parastatal trust it with the supply of drugs and other health-related products. Selling synthetic urine is like encouraging drug use among people of the society since they would know that their drug tests would all turn negative. False-negative drug results do not help, it enhances the practice of substance abuse and this leads to a rotten society. From that perspective, it was concluded that synthetic urine should not be listed in the store. This is because the clients are not monitored on where they are going to use the urine.

Some Few Companies Can Use Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is not for negative drug tests alone, writes, it is also used in other companies. Take for example in the mattress industry, it is normally used to test for the resilience of mattresses when they come across urine. Synthetic urine is also used in the testing of baby clothes and pants. What will happen to the piece of clothes when a child urinates on it. There is also another application of synthetic urine in the testing of blankets. This means such companies should manufacturer the urine themselves or they can make an authorized order on a pharmaceutical company to produce the urine. The pharmaceutical companies can use synthetic urine to test the impact of some drugs on human urine. Check out the best fake pee brands here. 

Types of Products Related to Urine That You Can Buy

Urine cleaner is one of the most common products that people can get. This product is normally used to clean urine in-home, public places, or in hospitals. You can also find the diapers and urine proof pants. Such things are not a threat to the community because they don’t promote any kind of bad behavior like drug abuse. You also get a self-drug test kit that you can use to check if you still have some traces in your blood. Drug test kits are used by those who are under detoxification and they would like to know whether the drug is still in the blood or not.

Does Using a Fake Urine Help in Drug Tests?

The answer is no. You can test negative of a drug test but at the end of the day, who has the burden to fight addiction? It is you to take the initiative of starting detoxification measures and ensure you stay clean for as long as you can. One thing with drugs is that they not only affect your physiological aspect but also your psychosocial aspect. Requiring fake urine for a drug test might be a sign that you have some type of drug dependency. Once your psychosocial aspect is altered, even working and socializing becomes a problem. That is when you may end up even losing your job. 


Walgreen doesn’t sell synthetic urine so it is better to start detoxification. Fake urine produces negative drug tests which don’t reflect the purity of the blood of the person being tested. This is like encouraging people to use drugs since they know that even when they want to pass a drug test, it is possible. Walgreen doesn’t want to be part of that so it chooses not to sell synthetic urine.

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