Dog Crate Furniture – All You Need To Know To Make the Best Buy for Your Pup

There is no greater pleasure in having a dog in your life. Its happy face and carefree attitude rubs off on you and the entire family, but you need to think it through before keeping one as a pet because it is a commitment to care for a lifetime. While there are many aspects of dog care, a dog crate is one of the most important buys since it is a place the dog can identify as being its own where they feel safe and give you peace of mind. With well-crafted and attractive dog crate furniture, you no longer have to worry about it being an eyesore because you get many options with modern dog crates for incorporating a side table, nightstand, or something else that complements your home décor.

Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crate furniture is an innovative concept that rolls into one piece of furniture, a bed for your pet dog, a crate, and a functional table. When designed well and made from high-quality materials, it can complement your home décor. Pet lovers will appreciate that the conventional dog crates, even though necessary, take up far too much space inside the home, which can be troublesome if you live in an apartment or a small house. Since you can’t use these dog crates for anything else save accommodating the dog, it can be inconvenient. With dog crate furniture, you can get all the functionalities of regular dog crates without any of their shortcomings. Your beloved pet will continue to enjoy the comfort and security of the crate, while you and your family will love the utility, comfort, and style, these lovely pieces of furniture add to your home in the form of a coffee or end table or a nightstand. Dog crate furniture is available in several styles to match every kind of home décor. They are incredibly versatile as you can buy them in various sizes and configurations. While they are good-looking, they are also durable and robust and will stand up to the antics of playful pets for many years. Some people will point out the utility of the traditional wire crates. It is true even if they look ugly in comparison, wire crates must invariably be the first dog crate you buy for your pup for the period it undergoes training but going forward, you will do well to upgrade to dog crate furniture that offers the same functionality with superior convenience and styling.

Why Dog Crate Furniture Appeals To Dog Owners

When you decide to keep a dog, you will need to decide on training, comfort, diet, health, and much more. Housing your pet is also a major factor because you will want your pet dog to be comfortable, happy, and secure. While a wire crate may be necessary when the dog is being trained, using dog crate furniture afterwards has two major benefits for pet owners. These are:

Incessant barking and whining: The construction of a wire dog crate makes the dog anxious, insecure, and disorderly, which can be annoying when you have to face it for a long time. This kind of behavior happens because the dog is uncomfortable, left out, and lonely. While the dog should not be in a place where it is constantly disturbed, you must appreciate that dogs are social and will want to be in human company. With the lovely design of dog crate furniture, it is more convenient for you to place it in places where the family gets together like the kitchen or the living room. Your dog will feel included and loved while being cooped up in a cold and bare wire cage in a secluded place will make it cranky and angry.

Unsafe construction: One of the main reasons for people upgrading from wire cages to elegant dog crate furniture is that the wire crates are inherently dangerous for the dogs because the metal wires in their construction have too many sharp edges, points, and crevices that can hurt your pert seriously, especially if they have their collars on. If you go online, you will discover many horror stories of pets coming to serious harm in wire dog crates. The use of dog crate furniture from leading suppliers like mitigates the risk of injury. It is because, generally, they are constructed from wood that does not catch the collar or paws of pets. More importantly, the crates typically are situated in places with humans around them who can notice and take action if the pet is in any distress. The smaller gaps in between the rungs also prevent the dog from trying to pull in nearby objects to chew on them or play with them.

Some Downsides of Dog Crate Furniture to Be Aware Of

The first thing you need to ensure is your dog is crate-trained before you attempt to get them to use dog crate furniture. As mentioned earlier, dog crate furniture is not suitable for training dogs, and you should never use them for that purpose. Moreover, you will need to assemble the dog crate furniture properly, so it does not wobble or come apart when you place something on the tabletop. While spilling coffee can be embarrassing, a crate collapsing suddenly can also injure your pet, which you will never want. You should also avoid putting your pet inside dog crate furniture with the collar or leash on as it could be hazardous to its health.

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crate furniture makes for a great gift to your pet since now it can relax in peace and be secure while staying close to people it loves. The crate represents a private and cozy space your pet will enjoy. According to experts, the crate should be used strategically and only for short periods because it should not be seen as punishment by your pet. The other significant benefit of investing in dog crate furniture is that you can use it as a table that adds beauty and functionality to your home, instead of being an eyesore that you want to hide in some dark place. A few tips for picking the best dog crate furniture for your pet:

The size of your dog: Unarguably the biggest factor in choosing dog crate furniture is the size of your dog. You must make sure that your pet can walk in comfortably without crouching and also be able to turn around easily when inside. Ideally, it should be able to sit and stand inside the crate without discomfort. By measuring the height and the length of your dog and adding four inches, you can identify the correct crate size.

Allow room for growth: You should remember that dogs grow fast, so getting a bigger size than you need, can help protect your investment. Of course, you need to find out how well you can place the crate furniture in your home. Ideally, you should buy a model with divider panels that you can keep adjusting as the puppy grows. The panels prevent the dog from having too much space, as it encourages them to be more active inside.

Covered or open crate: Some dogs like to be inside a covered crate because they feel more secure while others love the freedom of an open-top to look around them. You should study what your dog prefers so that you can get a crate with an open-top where it will be more comfortable. According to Daily Paws, the crate should have adequate ventilation and be easy to clean.

Security: To ensure that your dog will be comfortable and safe in a crate, you will need to crate train it. If your dog insists on escaping from the crate, it is more likely to hurt itself in a wire crate. Even when they try to chew through the softer materials used in dog crate furniture, they can easily break a tooth or a claw with painful results. It is important to teach your dog to stay calm and relaxed inside a crate.

Home size and layout: When choosing dog crate furniture, you need to factor in the size and layout of your home to ensure it does not become an obstacle to the free movement of people. It should fit well in its designated place without looking out of place. For example, you can have a dog crate that fits into your kitchen island for optimal placement. Buying a crate with multiple doors helps as you have more flexibility in its positioning. If you are planning to put the crate on your patio, make sure it is made from weather-resistant materials that will keep it going for many years.


Buying dog crate furniture is a good decision if you want your pet to be comfortable and secure while not having an ugly traditional wire crate lying around the house. With a stylish crate made of high-quality materials, dog crate furniture can add functionality to your home while complementing your interior décor. With models in various sizes and styles, you will be spoiled for choice when selecting the perfect dog crate furniture for your beloved pup.