Doggy Daycare Transport in Kensington & Chelsea


When choosing a dog daycare provider, one crucial but often overlooked aspect is the transportation method they use. The selection of the transportation vehicle plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and comfort of our four-legged friends. A concern that has recently surfaced in the pet care community revolves around the use of smaller vans with single door systems for dog transport versus larger vans with double door entry and exit systems. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why smaller vans may pose risks to dogs and why double door systems on full-sized vans offer a far safer alternative.

Firstly, let’s address the space issue. Smaller vans are precisely that – smaller. This limited space can cause various problems such as increased anxiety, discomfort, or even overheating among dogs, especially when multiple animals are being transported together. Larger, full-sized vans provide more room for each dog, thereby ensuring a more comfortable and less stressful journey.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the door system of the van. Many smaller vans come equipped with a single door entry and exit system. This presents a significant risk, as dogs can easily bolt out once the door is opened, possibly straight into oncoming traffic.

On the other hand, full-sized vans feature double door entry and exit systems. This double door system acts as a protective buffer. When the first door is opened (the crate door), dogs still remain safely enclosed within the second door (the cargo door remains closed). This set-up significantly reduces the risk of a dog accidentally escaping into traffic or unfamiliar surroundings, thereby ensuring their safety during the transit process.

A key advantage of double-door vans is the flexibility they provide. With a separate entry and exit, dogs can get in and out of the vehicle more conveniently and without fear, minimising the risk of accidents. Moreover, it allows dog handlers to regulate the entry and exit of dogs more efficiently, keeping the process orderly and stress-free for all dogs involved.

Additionally, larger vans with double doors can also be equipped with partitioned sections or individual crates for each dog. This not only guarantees every dog has its personal space but also adds an extra layer of safety during transit. In case of a sudden stop or turn, these partitions prevent dogs from being thrown around inside the vehicle, reducing the risk of injury.

Lastly, full-sized vans with double door systems generally have a better ventilation system than their smaller counterparts. Good ventilation is vital for dogs during transit, as it prevents overheating and ensures they have a steady supply of fresh air. The more spacious interior of these larger vans, coupled with superior ventilation, contributes to a more comfortable and safer ride for our furry friends.

Given these considerations, it’s clear why dog daycares that utilise full-sized, double-door vans are generally seen as more reliable and safer options, such as 84 Acres Canine Country Club. Such providers show they understand the importance of safety during transit, and they’re willing to invest in the right resources to ensure the wellbeing of the pets in their care.

When looking for a dog daycare service, it is worth considering not only the facilities and staff but also the kind of transportation they use. Ensuring our dogs’ safety should always be a priority. By choosing a service with full-sized, double-door vans, you’re taking an important step towards a more secure, comfortable, and stress-free daycare experience for your beloved pet.

In conclusion, while smaller vans may serve the purpose of transporting dogs, they do not provide the best conditions for safe and comfortable travel. Full-sized vans with double door entry and exit systems offer a far superior alternative, ensuring the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of our four-legged friends during transit. The choice is clear; for responsible pet owners, the safety and welfare of our pets must always come first.

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