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Don Everly and His Alias, Adrian Kimberly

Don Everly


“Adrian Kimberly” is actually the alias of Don Everly, of the famous vocal duo the Everly Brothers.  In the early 60s music era he and his brother Phil established a short-lived label Calliope Records, with the main endeavor of showcasing their own solo projects independently from the Everly Brothers’.  For Don Everly, “Adrian Kimberly”’s  biggest achievement is a big-band adaptation of Elgar’s oft-covered “Pomp and Circumstance” in 1961, which became a Top 40 hit single. Big oldies music lovers (especially die-hard fans of the Everly Brothers) know something about Don Everly’s other persona as “Adrian Kimberly”

Who is Adrian Kimberly?

“Adrian Kimberly” is the pseudonym used by the half of the Everly Brothers, Don Everly, born on February 1, 1937 in Brownie Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

At the height of the Everly Brothers’ dispute with their publisher Acuff-Rose, Don and his brother Phil founded their own label Calliope Records where they mainly recorded their own material, individually or as a duo.

They also used their short-lived label as their attempt to launch other artists. As “Adrian Kimberly,” Don recorded his rendition of Edward Elgar’s original “Pomp and Circumstance” in 1961. His big-band instrumental version peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961. It was followed by other singles (mostly instrumental), all of which became unsuccessful.

For this label also, Phil Everly also formed the Keestone Family Singers whose feature singers included Glen Campbell and Carole King. Their only single, “Melodrama,” failed to make a dent on the charts. Calliope Records folded in 1962.

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Adrian-Kimberly’s discography (may be partial)

Calliope Records

(May 1961)

Adrian Kimberly

  • A: Pomp And Circumstance
  • B: Black Mountain Stomp

(Oct 1961)

Adrian Kimberly

  • A: God Bless America
  • B: Greensleeves

(May 1962)

Adrian Kimberly

  • A: Draggin’ Dragon
  • B: When You Wish Upon A Star

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