Don’t Even Think About Getting on Your Motorcycle Without These Protection Gears


When it comes to riding your motorcycle, whether it’s for a quick ride into town or embarking on a long adventure, you already know safety is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are on those wheels; every responsible, well-reasoned rider is aware that fatal accidents can happen at any time, in the blink of an eye. Sadly, this is even more true for those who ride under-equipped or, even worse, with no equipment at all. In fact, bikers are more vulnerable than any other drivers on the road. Investing in high-quality, and often fashionable protection gears are paramount to minimize road hazards and protect your body effectively in case of collisions or falls. Never undercut safety gear.

To prevent you from unfortunate incidents, we’ve compiled the essential protective gear every motorcyclist should never go without while riding.


A helmet is your lifeline if you are ever in an accident. As such, wearing an appropriate helmet is a basic and legal an obligation for any bikers. It should be solid, well-fitted, and be designed to specific safety standards. Depending on your bike type, there are different options available; your local bike shopkeeper should be of assistance to help you in selecting the right one. Never purchase a second-hand or used helmet as it may have experienced damages that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Full suit

If you’re looking for maximum protection, opt for a full-body motorcycle suit. They’re specifically designed to optimize comfort and maneuverability and will protect you from the skin-shredding tarmac in cases of slides. These can be quite expensive depending on models and brands, but there’s nothing like a full suit to ride in style and get that dandy allure.



Jackets are a biker’s most iconic, indispensable accessory. Not everyone can splurge on a full body suit, but every biker should invest in a high-quality riding jacket. Whether it’s your first purchase or you’re looking to renew your gear, it’s useful to consult this in-depth riding Jacket review to determine which one is best suited to your needs and tastes. They come in different styles and materials like leather, textile, or mesh, and will provide great protection throughout the seasons.


As a general guideline, riding jackets come with pants. Whenever you’re riding, your legs need extra protection, as they’re most likely to be the first point of impact in an accident. Upon selecting your pair of pants, make sure they come equipped with integrated padding and reflective panels for night visibility. They should also be long enough and comfortable on the crotch to avoid soreness during extended rides.


It’s imperative that you ride your bike in the appropriate footwear. A pair of riding boots should cover your ankles and be perfectly fitted for when pushing breaks and changing gears. Visit a specialized store and test out different pairs, then select the one that feels more comfortable on your arch and sole. You should be able to put them on and take them off with ease.


To complete your protective gear look, you’ll need to get a pair of gloves that provides a good grip for steering and maneuvering. Gloves are essential for shielding and warming your hands. They’re available in materials such as leather, synthetics, or Kevlar. Make sure to pick a model that’s waterproof and allows your hands to breathe to avoid discomfort and sweating.

Eye and ear protection

When riding, your eyes will naturally be subject to strain, especially if you live in a harsh weather, area with rain, snow, or fog. A convenient solution is to invest in a full head helmet with a shatterproof visor or, alternatively, bike goggles. They’ll improve your visibility and at the same time provide extra protection against projectiles and impacts. Similarly, your ears are likely to suffer, from your engine’s sound alone. An extended exposure can significantly impact your hearing, cause migraines and fatigue. To remedy that, invest in earplugs that will minimize ambient noise and vibrations. You should easily find them online or at your local pharmacy.

Biking is a formidable, liberating passion. It can also prove dangerous and comes with many risks. To that end, it stands to reason that motorcycle enthusiasts should invest in some essential gears that will guarantee your safety. Not only will they absorb most shocks during impact and prevent lethal injuries, but protective gears are also inherent parts of the biking culture around the world, forever combining practicality, comfort, and style.

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