Don’t Go Broke Opening Your Restaurant — Save Money with These Pointers


Many people dream about opening up a restaurant one day. However, they don’t follow through with this goal for one simple reason: it’s expensive!

On average, starting a new restaurant costs approximately $275,000. This number continues to grow as you begin to hire staff, purchase ingredients and invest in equipment.

However, you don’t have to give up on your dream quite yet; if you’re committed to your culinary goal, you can save some dough (no pun intended) by using the tips mentioned below.

1. Invest in Used Restaurant Equipment

Although it may be tempting to purchase a load of flashy, new equipment, this isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to save money.

Brand-new cooking equipment tends to cost several thousands of dollars. However, if you do some digging online, you can usually find a used version of the same model for a fraction of the price.

Here are some examples of pieces of equipment you should purchase used:

  • Ovens
  • Grills
  • Refrigerators and coolers

You can also save some money by purchasing used accessories like:

  • Flowerpots and vases
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Cutlery

2. Purchase a Rugged Computer

There is one thing that you should never purchase used — your rugged computer.

For those that don’t know, a rugged computer is a durable device that can be used in harsh environments. They are both waterproof and heat-resistant, making them ideal for hot, steamy kitchens.

Rugged computers are versatile tools for restaurant managers, chefs and servers. Managers can use the rugged computer to create schedules, order ingredients and purchase equipment.

Additionally, chefs can use this piece of new food service technology as a reliable back of house reference system. This will minimize the chances of them mixing up orders and make them more efficient.

Finally, servers can use rugged computers as a practical and durable POS (point of sale) system. If the device is dropped, knocked over and has something spilled on it, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

If you want to learn more about the different types of rugged computers that are currently available, you can see more options at Small PC.

3. Hire a Professional Bartender

If you’re planning on getting a liquor license, you’ll want to hire a professional and experienced bartender.

By hiring a reliable bartender, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of money wasted on overpoured drinks. Experienced bartenders are also less likely to spill their drinks, which can end up saving you money in the long run.

If you can’t find a reliable bartender, there are a handful of apps that you can download that let you know how much your staff members are overpouring and how much money you are losing as a result. This is invaluable information that you can share with your team (it’s easy for them to forget how much money they are wasting when they overpour drinks).

Instead of breaking the bank on your restaurant, make use of the money-saving tips mentioned above.

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