Don’t Let Your Children Play Video Games for Extended Hours During the Lockdown


To fight the virus that’s affecting the world right now, people have to keep a distance. It’s the reason why there are orders from the government to stay at home. Although it’s a good thing, it can also be boring. After a while, you start running out of things to do. Even your children who are no longer at school right now won’t have anything else to do. They end up playing video games on their phones. They even do it for several hours at a time.

The problem is that if they stay too long on their phones, they can suffer some health consequences. Phones emit radiation that could pose health risks. You need to find a way to prevent your children from using their phones for extended hours.

Set rules

You can’t stop your children from playing, especially since they have nothing else to do. You also don’t want to adversely impact your relationship since you have to stay together at home. It would be awkward if you punish them, and you don’t talk to each other. The rules have to be clear. If it’s time to stop using their phones, your children have to oblige. They need to get enough rest and sleep on time. Without these rules, they could do whatever they want, even if it hurts them.

Spend more time with them 

You always felt guilty before because yup spent too much time working. You didn’t have enough time to bond with your children. Now is your chance to make it up to them. You’re at home all the time. Make use of this opportunity to bond with them. Come up with fun activities. Teach them how to cook. You can think of different ways to spend special moments with them. Once the quarantine period is over, you might not get these special moments back. They will forget to play video games if they’re having more fun with you.

Keep them protected

Since it would be difficult to stop your children from playing, you can at least protect them. Using emf protection would be necessary. It prevents radiation from adversely affecting their health. You can check out for more information about the best radiation protection.

Tell them to learn their lessons in advance

Some parents think that online learning isn’t effective. Since it’s what most schools intend to do, it seems to be the reality, at least for the next academic year. It’s better than not learning anything at all. It’s about your ability to discipline your children and making sure they focus on their lessons. Even when they stay at home, they still have a lot to learn. They can even get started now. While on a school break, they can learn their lessons in advance. You can also teach them if they need help.

There are several ways to make the most out of this situation. No one wants to be here, and we will all survive it.

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