Don’t Miss All The Fun at The Beach By Packing These 4 Things!


A vacation by the beach is always a great opportunity to have some quality time with family and friends; enjoy airy shorts and breezy sundresses; relax in flip flops and hats; be silly all we want; or geek out and read books! To guarantee having the perfect time at the beach though, packing the right items is key. So, in addition to your clothes, swimsuit, towels and keys, please allow me to share with you the top 4 must-pack things on my list.

1. Self Care Package

You’re going to the beach to enjoy your time, so accounting for all the things you need to keep yourself comfortable is crucial. Make sure to pack a good sunblock with proper SPF protection, an after-sun lotion for miniaturization and cooling, and a mosquito repellent cream or spray for those nights by the shore, or if you’re sleeping in a beach hut.

Don’t forget to also pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner, for the sun might have a drying effect on your hair. Some shaving cream and a razor are also good-to-have for those emergency bikini line touch-ups.

2. Indulgence Treats

When you’re on vacation, allow yourself to loosen up a bit – you can always go back on that diet when you’re back in the city. It would be a good idea to pack some fun mixers for your favorite beachside cocktail, as well as some of your favorite candy bars or snacks that may not be available at the beach or resort.

3. Entertainment Options

Time at the beach can combine relaxation and fun, meditation and games! Why not keep your options open? One of the most logical things – and easiest to carry – is a solid music playlist on your phone for a twist in the background. Complete your mini-DJ experience with trusty music speakers and you’re good to go. Some of the best speakers for the beach combine affordability with the practicality and portability, so invest in a durable buddy for extended fun time. Other entertainment options to include are some books to read, as well as card and board games for an afternoon group activity.

4. Emergency Items

It’s easier to enjoy your time when you rest assured that you can face any emergency, so always be prepared. Emergency items to pack include pads and tampons; a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer; calamine lotion or an antihistamine cream for bug bites or itchy rashes; antiseptic wipes; adhesive bandages in a variety of shapes and sizes; gauze pads in assorted sizes; a small tube of triple-antibiotic cream; some cotton balls and swabs; as well as scissors, tweezers and nail clippers. A pack of painkillers is always a good idea as well.

Prepare, Relax and Enjoy

Seems like a lot of stuff to remember? Make a checklist and scratch off the items one by one as you pack! It may seem like a little too much planning for spontaneous fun, but trust me, once you’re all packed and on the road, your mind will be at ease and you’ll be glad you went prepared.

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