Doorless Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

Doorless showers, also known as walk-in showers, add a sense of luxury to your bathroom. They are a typical bathroom remodel in Vacaville CA, which most homeowners are looking forward to incorporating. These bathrooms save on time spent while cleaning and are wheelchair-friendly for people with disabilities. On another side, they are attractive to prospective buyers when you are planning to sell your home.

Walk-in showers are available in a variety of designs depending on your preferences. The good thing is that they do not take up much space and are favorable even for small bathrooms. Here are the best doorless shower designs you can implement to amplify your bathroom’s beauty.

Corner Showers

Installing a walk-in shower at the corner of the bathroom helps save on your little space. This design prevents creating blocks in the middle of the room, leaving enough space to fix the toilet and other necessities.

Forego the tub

A tub might take up almost the entire space of a small bathroom. Removing the tub creates a large space for any other bathroom accessories. The extra room allows you to extend the shower to a larger area.

Wall-mounted Sink

A wall-mounted sink allows for enough space for your doorless shower. It also provides additional space below to store a garbage can and any other equipment that can fit underneath.

Wall designs

There are a couple of nice-looking wall ideas that you can pick for your walk-in shower. Since tiles come in various designs, choose one with fewer gout lines to prevent dirt from accumulating. Hence, allow easy cleaning.

Bathroom alcoves and eaves

Tiny bathrooms often have complicated dimensions, which could be challenging to work with. However, they can act as possible partitions areas making your work easier.

Scale on furniture

Too much furniture will take up the glory of an appealing walk-in shower in a small bathroom. Use compact storage units and cabinets as they take less up space, leaving our doorless shower as the room’s main attraction.

Multiple spray showers

Walkin showers with multiple spray heads give you such an incredible bathing experience. They allow you to shower from any angle allowing for optimum relaxation.  They are a great feature in a walk-in. However, they use lots of water and may affect your plumbing.

Doorless showers are a centerpiece and magnify the look of any tiny bathroom. Try out these different designs for a statement-making walk-in shower.