Dorra Slim – Intense Fat-Burning Slimming Treatment Review

One of the major problems in a woman’s life is dealing with body fats. However, while most women want a slender figure, they do not like the hassles of having to go through stringent diets and strenuous exercises. Although it sounand achievable. The slimming treatments sometimes seem to be too good to be real even with the before and after photos. But with the Dora slim-intense fat-burning slimming treatment you are assured of true reality. So if you are looking for a more effective and less strenuous way to lose your extra weight, visit

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Every woman and girl deserves the best, especially when it comes to the body looks. Don’t let your body shape dreams be just dreams, but let them be a reality. Dora slim-intense fat-burning slimming treatment allows you to achieve the body you’ve always fancied. You don’t have to give up on carbs or engage in any tedious workout. The fat-burning formula and body shaping technology used at Dorra effectively burns all stubborn fats from the hips, thighs, and tummy.

Dorra fat burning slimming treatment offers quick visible results by using a fat burning technology. This peptide slimming technology uses Strength purple granite ampoule which reduces the accumulation of fat by burning it, hence making the slamming process effective and long-lasting.

The services offered here are done with the right procedure to ensure there is achieving the required weight of your body. Here is how Dorra Slimming do to ensure you have attained the right weight.

Step 1: Measuring weight and consultation

Before you are introduced to the slimming treatment, first, you will have to meet a consultant. Here, your health condition is taken as a priority to ensure you get the treatment that suits the body. Besides, you will be asked which part you want to be helped with. As the last part of the consultation period, your weight will be measured to determine the fat level.

Step 2: Taking a photo of your body

Although some individuals could be against their wish, taking pictures of the target body parts that need to be worked upon is their duty. This will help to apply the slimming treatment aiming to achieve a certain shape.

Step 3: Carrying actual treatment

Carrying actual treatment

After taking pictures of your body, the most body parts that have lost shape, or are aging or sagging are determined and the right treatment is chosen. The actual treatment proceeds upon payment agreement for the service. The slimming treatment is carried out in a special room.

Step 4: Debrief

After treatment, you will be taken to the consultant where you will be given other directives on what to do next.


Women, especially working ladies, often find it hard to exercise and pay close attention to a proper weight loss diet. And it is here that Dora slim treatment comes handy. You can achieve your dream figure effortlessly and without consuming much of your time. The treatment takes twenty to forty minutes and you can lose up to five centimeters in one session but the results can differ from one person to another depending on their metabolic rate.