Do’s And Don’ts With Smart Casual Clothing

Nowadays, a huge number of companies and organizations are rejecting the strict formal attire code and preferring a more lenient smart casual dress code. The perspective of people towards clothing is changing and organizations are starting to support this change. But the ‘Smart Casual’ term sounds a little bit confusing, even though it seems simple from the outlook that finally you have a defined dress code, but what exactly does ‘Smart Casual’ means? What kind of pieces does it consist of? Well, the answer is easy. All you have to do is a mix of casual and classic goods. Along with these tips, you will know what to wear and what not to wear in your workplace.


● Think Creatively

Never be hesitant in being smart and creative to make full use of your fashion items. Maybe a stylish mixture of a button-down casual shirt and formal pants on white sneakers is a great way to dress up for work. Wearing shorts and summer dresses is cool, but too casual for a business setting while wearing a whole suit is still very formal, so why not something in between?

● Mix & Match

In case you don’t have time for shopping, you can create a whole new outfit right from your existing wardrobe. If you take a look inside your dressing room, you’ll find a lot of neglected pieces of clothes that haven’t been worn in ages. A mock neck on jeans and a blazer can be extremely chic, worn with high heels is a plus. Tweed blazers are also one of the biggest men and women’s fashion styles, especially during the winter season.

● Throw Some Dark Shades

Dark shades are always the best option if you decided to go casual smart. For instance, imagine if you wore a blue jacket with stone washed jeans and white trainers. Now replace blue with dark navy and stonewashed jeans with indigo one. The same items, but the overall effect are completely unique. This will definitely transform the whole outfit into a dressier one.

Throw Some Dark Shades


● Just Forget About the Tie

Traditionally, smart attires for men should include a red bow tie or a normal tie. But with smart casual attire, it’s not the same anymore. You can just ditch your tie and undo the first two buttons of your collar and shirt, and that’s it. Voila!

● Don’t Be Too Sporty

Sportswear has invaded the fashion industry from all sides, however that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for dressing casually at work. It’s true that white smart trainers can fit with most opportunities, not to mention how comfortable they are, but other sportswear such as hoodies, sweatpants, and running shoes are a big no. It’s better if you keep everything in its right place and occasion.

● Overall Appearance

It’s not acceptable to wear your old wide neck T-shirts, sweatpants, ripped jeans, or sandals when you know that the dress code is business or smart casual. Just leave your comfy lounge clothes at home and remember that your outfit should be clean, neat, pressed, and fit.   For example, instead why not opt for a formal linen dress

In different companies, cultures, and industries, business casual can mean something different. Your outfit should always be professional and tidy, even on casual Fridays. Keeping a consistent impression about yourself, no matter what type of business you’re working in helps to maintain a professional environment between you and your colleagues.